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Xecuter 3 Xbox Chip Installation

I used to use the Xecuter 2.3b lite mod chip, but recently the good people at team Xecuter came out with the Xecuter 3 mod chip. Installation is so much easier, especially from the software side of things. There's a lot more features, and much more possibility for expansion. So, since I install chips for so many of my friends, (though I never install them past the illegal software stage) I got a pristine board to show you a full X3 installation.
X3 Mod 01
To install, unscrew the 6 bottom screws with a T-20 torx wrench.
X3 Mod 02
Using a T-10 torx wrench, remove the screw from the middle of the hard drive assembly and the 2 from the DVD-ROM assembly. Pull out the cables from the back of the HDD and DVD-ROM, and pull both devices and their plastic trays out. It's important to note who makes the DVD-ROM, since different ones (I think there's 3, Samsung, Toshiba and Panasonic) have different strengths to be aware of.
X3 Mod 03
Remove all the T-10 screws from the board, remove the fan plug from the board, and remove all the controller/power supply plugs and finally remove the boars from the case.
X3 Mod 04
This is the LPC BUS with the solder filled in. This is only a factor on the 1.0 version of the board, but if you have this, you need to remove the solder. No worries, not too hard, google "solder sucking."
X3 Mod 05
See? Clean!
X3 Mod 06
With the chip is a pin header. One pin needs to be removed (on the left column, notice 2 are out, the top one and the second from the bottom) and then it needs to be placed in the holes. This is on the top of the board, it'll only fit in in one way. Tape this to the board temporarily using any tape.
X3 Mod 07
This is the bottom of the board before the pins get soldered. The tape is to hold the pin header during this process.
X3 Mod 08
Properly soldered joints. If you have a 1.6 or 1.6b board, Microsoft moved the actual board contacts that connected to the LPC BUS, in order to deter modders. The LPC must be reconstructed, and the points to do that are listed at It's not too complicated, I imagine Microsoft left the LPC BUS there since it was easier to stamp a board the same shape. Makes it easy for us!
X3 Mod 09
Three more points are important on the back of the board: The contact for the HDD indicator light, the contact for the LAN indicator light, and the d0 point. The d0 point grounds out the original BIOS chip that we're replacing when the chip is enabled, it's essential.
X3 Mod 10
Soldered points with the appropriate colored wires, this wire harness comes in the kit. The board can now be replaced in the case and all motherboard screws can be installed.
X3 Mod 11
This is the little board which should be stuck on the inside of the front of the case. There is a yellow wire which controls the power and eject button and the LED's, that goes into this and the multicolored plug on this goes into the motherboard. The red wire goes to the X3 chip to the only plug it fits.
X3 Mod 12
Looks like this when all together, the green board in front of it is the controller port control board that is unique to the 1.0 motherboard, but the little board still fits behind it.
X3 Mod 13
You can see how the X3 fits on the pin header. There's some black wires that come with the kit, those can go to the front indicator which also comes with the kit, although for most people I find it's not something they want. If you want it, just feed the black wires out the front and use the sticky tape to put the panel on the front of the board.
X3 Mod 14
Pop the chip on the pin header and you're good to go!

One Response to “Xecuter 3 Xbox Chip Installation”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hey there! I happened to stumble on this awesome little site of yours after combing through Google’s image search looking for old original Xbox mods. I’m a collector of original Xbox stuff and one thing that I always have a lot of trouble finding is the Xecuter X3 chip. I know this is a little out of left field, but I was wondering if you still had the X3 that you installed on the Xbox above? If so, would you be willing to part with it?

    I have a few projects I’m working on (128mb Ram upgrade, CPU upgrade…) that would be made much easier if I could only get my hands on a few more X3 chips. I’ve scoured the web, and aside from Ebay, they’re essentially impossible to find. Along with the X3’s I’m also always looking for the original Xbox Xecuter front panel assembly. Those are even rarer, as I’m sure you know.

    I guess what I’m getting at is if you’d be willing to trade/sell me the X3, if you still have it in your possession. I know your original post is rather old, but it never hurts to ask, I hope! From one Xbox modder to another, I hope all is well and I hope this message finds you!


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