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Wood Case Project

After the cube case, I realized it's not good if you're like me and you move every few months. I set out to make a more standard case, constructed of wood to be strong and durable. Unfortunately I didn't take finished pics, but now that I'm past it's use (I used it for 2 years) I still have it in my closet at home. I'll try to take some pics next time I'm there, I'm sorry I won't have any pics of electronics in it, but it was spectacular.

Wood Case 01
My pristine piece of plywood!
Wood Case 02
Radial arm saw angle 1.
Wood Case 03
Radial arm saw blade.
Wood Case 04
Radial arm saw angle 2.
Wood Case 05
Gross pieces of the case I originally cut.
Wood Case 06
Formation of the box.
Wood Case 07
Marking the bay shelf distances on the chassy wall.
Wood Case 08
Measuring out the width of the chassy shelves against my hard drive chassy.
Wood Case 09
See, it fits pretty!
Wood Case 10
Dad helped me a ton with the cutting, since I only had about a week to make it.
Wood Case 11
From this pic, you can see the first mock up of the case.
Wood Case 12
Front view, notice the 6 5.25 bays and the 2 3.5 bays.
Wood Case 13
Rear view, with the power supply and the card slots, before putting the duct hole in.
Wood Case 14
Wood split when cutting out the card slots, but I ended up ditching this piece anyway.
Wood Case 15
The shelves between the drives were holed out for ventilation.
Wood Case 16
How I made those holes, with a 2 inch hole saw.
Wood Case 17
Second mock up with all the edges cleaned up.
Wood Case 18
You can see that I cleaned up all the holes and made more chassies for the power supply and stuff.
Wood Case 19
Another angle, it's sweet.
Wood Case 20
The cleaned up rear end.
Wood Case 21
Inside of the chassy wall with the grooves and screw holes drilled.
Wood Case 22
Detail of the 3.5 inch bay wall.
Wood Case 23
Duct slot in the back of the case so a duct to the CPU is getting fresh air always.
Wood Case 24
Optional plug for the duct hole, in case I don't like the duct (which I never ended up using).
Wood Case 25
Duct and plug.
Wood Case 26
Detail on back of the plug.
Wood Case 27
Side of plug.
Wood Case 28
All pieces laid out ready for staining.
Wood Case 29
Half on pieces. . .
Wood Case 30
. . .and the other half.
Wood Case 31
Beginning of the white stain process, I stained the inside white.
Wood Case 32
The stain.
Wood Case 33
Unnecessary picture of an intermediate point.
Wood Case 34
Stained chassy being glued together.
Wood Case 35
Stained wood and it's looking good! The white really popped, and lights will reflect color from inside.
Wood Case 36
The finishing nail gun which held the project together in conjunction with some wood glue.
Wood Case 37
Gluing and nailing the chassy in place, using the clamps to hold stuff in place.
Wood Case 38
2 details to notice in this pic, the 1/4 round that was used as the edging on the inside and the beginning of the border on the front to level it off.
Wood Case 39
Bottom border on the front.
Wood Case 40
Acrylic wall and door hinged by tape.
Wood Case 41
Wood Case 42
Front view with the completed border in the front with is level.
Wood Case 43
Check the screws holding the acrylic on, and the edging inside the case which is nailed and glied down as a frame. It's strong as heck.
Wood Case 44
Stained edge pieces.
Wood Case 45
Late pic of cutting the window.
Wood Case 46
Inside pic of good frame pieces.
Wood Case 47
More structure.
Wood Case 48
Front structure.

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