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What, More Stuff On This Silly Page?

Ok, jsut a small entry today, with some updates on stuff. Here's the new cell phone I got: Samsung SPH-460 It's awesome. Umm, the case is up on several great websites, Virtual Hideout and Check them out, see how I'm doing, and if you know of any other places that feature mods, tell me, And show other people my case site!!! Umm, what else, Alfred and I have been going around finding the ends of streets around here, jsut driving and celebrating when we find the end. It's fun. A lot of streets end right by me. We may make a documentary about it. I've been working on the case and the lights, so we'll see how they work. Umm, what else? Making plans to move back to SD, working with a friend to get him a gf, he's desparate, and designing more cases. Not much other stuff. TTYL, adios.

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