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  I quit my assistantship. I moved. I sold my car for 238 dollars. I bought a new car. Jenn and I almost broke up, my mental health has affected my relationships with everyone I know. I had a few suicide dramas. I have headaches that have prompted me to get an MRI where confusing things were found. I'm in therapy once a week. I'm trying to control my out of control life. Meg and Jenn visited and left. The Baron has a new home. There is no longer a wedding date, just intent. I'm insane.
  Here's my brain.


  Notice here there's a white spot on the right that's not on the left, this is a problem apparantly. Still, I have a nice brain.


  All in all, I guess things are good, at least I'm taking steps to better myself now. I've started writing my book, it's kind of depressing but somehow writing my thoughts down and reading them make me feel like someone else said them, and now that there are more people with thoughts like mine I feel better. I made a website about my new move and car, it's here. I sure need to work on not stressing, I've gotten to the point where nothing I own or care about is as important as coming to terms with my own anxieties and depression.

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