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Welcome to Joe’s Paint Job Exposition

So I painted my Xbox, and I think it looks wicked. It was a bitch to do, since it's so complex. First, dismantle the xbox, you can figure out how to do that. There's a few pieces, the top, and the front, and the front is a bitch to get off, use a screwdriver to get the edge of the front off and then pop the clips on the inside front. Finally, remove the piece around the buttons. That's a lame description, but you'll figure it out.
So, I did 3 colors, and some heavy masking to get a lot of detail. First, I painted the top and main front piece (not button piece) with a black, glittered paint. I chose the glittered paint since it went on metallic looking and really catches the light well, drawing attention to it. It also came out looking very subtle in low light, making it look like it's just the color of the plastic. Afterwards, I masked the parts I wanted to stay black, and painted everything else (including all of those crevaces) with the metallic green, once again with glitter and all. Finally, I masked the little crevaces (Made U-shaped tape pieces and stuck them in there with a flat head screwdriver) and gave it the silver. I painted the button piece the silver. You can see the green areas include the controller ports, the controller numbers (with silver highlights) and the the jewel hole. The silver is on the xbox word on the drive tray. All in all I think it turned out really nice, and though it was a ton of work would do it again all the same.
Paint 1
Paint 2
Paint 3
Paint 4
Paint 5
Paint 6

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