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Welcome to Joe’s Guide To Lighting The Controller Dongle!

Well, what's the most boring part about the Xbox? The controller dongle, that little waste of plastic and metal that makes it so when people trip over the cord they don't rip the console off the shelf. Well, that's not good enough, it needs to light up.

controller Dongle 01
This is the virgin device:
controller Dongle 02
Insert something into the seam of the fat side of the dongle. . .
controller Dongle 03
. . .and pry it apart, you should hear the clips pop off.
controller Dongle 04
You should see a white end to it that will slide off, do that. Also, pry off the metal shielding that's not at the end of the port. It should pry towards the wire, just cut it off.
controller Dongle 05
The LED's I had for 6V required 200 Ohms, and I happened to have 4 50 Ohm resistors lying around, so I soldered them together in serial to make a big 200 Ohm resistor. If you have better or different parts, use what you got, this worked for me. I did them like this and they ended up fitting perfectly, which you'll see in a sec.
controller Dongle 06
It should fit into the bottom of the dongle like this. Make sure the leads are sticking out in the direction that they are, pointing towards the back of the dongle.
controller Dongle 07
Put some electrical tape over it so it can't short out.
controller Dongle 08
Put the wire and the port harness back in the bottom half of the plastic. In the following picture, you can tell that one end of the resistor needs to be connected to the hot wire (the wire on the resistor is indicated with the blue line) and the other wire from the resistors needs to be left free for right now.
controller Dongle 09
The next few pictures are difficult to make out, so try to understand the point of it, and you can improvise a little bit. What needs to happen is the LED needs to have the negative side connected to the ground pin indicated above, and the other pin connected to the other end of the resistors. First, cover the controlelr dongle wires with tape, like the picture below.
controller Dongle 10
The next diagram shows you how to connect the resistor, and how to bend it so it reaches the contacts. The "-" end of the resistor needs to connect to the ground.
controller Dongle 11
Put the LED in and line up the pins as they need to be. Solder the contact points to their respective wires and try to keep the LED in the lowest profile possible.
controller Dongle 12
Finally, pop the other half of the dongle plastic on, making sure the LED fits in the shell. Plug it in to make sure the LED works, and if it doesn't, well then re-do the whole thing because you lose. Have fun making things light up!

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