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Welcome to another Whole New Website (TM)

Well, after the empty promises of a new website became unfulfilled, and as the flash revolution made my site rival the titans of the web, yet rendering it completely un-updatable, I sit here at my humble console, once again, pledging reform. This time, though, my goals will be more reasonable. First of all, I plan to update this moderately. I should be replacing the stupid things <--- here and ---> here with some content soon. Hopefully, I will have a calendar up, and I dunno, something else pretty. Check the links menu, it's really easy to update now so I should do that more, and there's a lot of new stuff to look at, while, mind you, it's not as G-Rated as it was before.
  Now, onto an update. Finally. After a year of not updating, and having my little sister out-do me in the ability to keep her website updated. This last year has been a turbulent one, with many interesting things to report. I became senior orientation leader, went through the process again, was chosen as an HA, a reality I am still coming to terms with, I had roommate issues and triumphs, I came in and out of touch with people, I went through several severely self destructive spirals, most of which involved certain movies and life-altering perceptions, I got severe food poisoning, was on anthrax medicine, went without a computer and internet for more than a quarter, downloaded every pete and pete and aeon flux, added a major, dropped another, got a free subscription to FHM, learned hot glass and cold glass look the same, moved 9 times, burned some CD's, became a member and a rebel against the unyielding grip of corporate, plastic America, and learned how David Blaine can levitate himself. And now think of all the stuff I didn't tell you. Yea, it's been busy. Well, What's I'd recommend you do is IM me at SilentDarkFalcon and ask more details about the year.
  And, now, a touch of reality. I sit here, and while in my head hundreds of you are reading this every minute, I know that the only people reading this are my sister, my girlfriend, and anyone else who is looking for a favor from me. With that, I think it's appropriate for me to use this forum to empart some honest advice to all unsuspecting first years. The list below is the essential guide to having a successful college experience, so heed it an honor it like it's a newfound religion.
    1. You may be enchanted by Summit now, and even though they rotate their food, it gets old. Plus, the lines get so long, you never want to wait for the special or the pizza, so you always end up getting a crappy pita or sushi. So, as a group, we're moving lunch to 10:00AM and dinner to 4:00PM. Hopefully, this way, we'll get to the front of the line, get some decent food, and be surrounded by like-minded rejects who look at this site.
    2. Discussions suck. I'm not trying to sound cocky, but unless you're one of the three people in a class who can't remember the basic underlying concept that the department is founded on and must ask for it to be repeated 7 times a class, which none of the supreme beings who are my audience are, you have no reason to go to discussion. Some classes require attendance, but in my experience discussions are big rooms filled with 6 kids, 2 of which ask all the questions, most of which pertain to things you already understand. EVEN THOUGH YOU THINK YOU MAY HEAR SOMETHING YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW, YOU WON'T.
    3. Don't bother being political. If you have beliefs, register to vote. Democracy isn't about seeing how many people you can sway to your opinion, that's called a popularity contest. If you have to advertise your political beliefs in the hope of making other people believe them too, then whatever it is you're advertising probably isn't important enough to matter anyway. A GOOD PHILOSOPHY SHOULD ADVERTISE ITSELF.
    4. Reading sucks. Leisure reading is cool, but having to read a 30 page communications article, only to have the exact points that were made thorughout the article reiterated in list form on the last page, is frusturating. Read articles from back to front, because often there's a sumamry at the end, and that's all you need to know.
    5. Force yourself to sleep. Allow me to reiterate an experience I had this summer: Sitting up in my room at 3 in the morning, with my roommate asleep and the lights off, watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas until 5. Point is, being awake at those hours makes you self destructive, then you're not ready for class the next day. Even if you have late class, wake up early. You'll thank me later.
    6. Poster your walls. Posters are mobile, so wherever you move to, it still feels like the same room, which makes living in general more comfortable. And, cinder blocks are ugly.
    7. Papa John's gave me food poisoning. Sometimes, if you ask, Domino's will give you 2 for 1, when you call ask if they still have the 2 for 1 deal, sometimes they just give it to you. Domino's=858-452-8273. Round Table has the Napa Pizza, but it's too expensive. Domino's is the way to go.
    8. If you have a car, and you park on campus, don't expect to find a spot from 7:00AM to 6:00PM. Park at UTC and take the shuttle, it's free.
    9. Don't sit in your room, get out and join a club. And if you like to just sit in your room, come tell me, and I'll get a club of people who like to sit in their rooms together. Can't argue that one, can you?
    10. Robertos, Ralphs, Sav-On, Cotixan's, Denny's, 7-Eleven, and Carl's Jr. are open 24 hours a day. With those 7 places, you have almost any food you could want, clothes, medicine, toys, books, furniture, and almost anythign else you could want at your fingertips at all time. Damn.
  Ok, now, you're all ready for college. With our new society following these rules, we could be the leaders of this campus in no time flat. Let's make T-shirts. Ok, I need to go read for communications. If you're bored, check out the links, or the archives, which there's a link to at the bottom of this. See you all later.

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