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Welcome to Almost The End Of Summer

Holy crapoli, this has been a long tim esince I updated the site. Well, first I'll update you on what I've been doing this summer. After summer session, I was here, in Villa Park for a week, where I worked on the Orientation CD and got it finished. Afterwards, I went to San Jose to visit Jenn for 10 days. In that time, we went to Raging Waters and went camping for 7 days. It was fun, I have pictures here. Her dad and brother taught me to fish, and we caught a lot. I mean, 2 the first day (1 was mine) 8 the next day (2 were mine) and 12 the last day (4 were mine). I was excited, they said it was probably the most they ever caught in one trip. Umm, I got a big knife too for dicing fish up, it's nifty. Hmm, so I came home, and began work on the case you've all read so much about. I worked on the dang thing from 9 in the morning til midnight every night for a week, and it's finally done. Right, look at some pre-completion pictures here. Wow, and what a project, more pictures once my digital camera is sent back to me fixed. Hmm, so it's all built, and I had some extra parts, and I decided to try to make another computer. I needed some other parts, so I went to the swap meet near LAX, and what a gold mine. AGP 32 meg TNT 2 for 5 bucks, 10/100 network card for 3, a 5 CD changer for 10, a huge toolbox for 12, and, the best deal, a Targus palm pilot keyboard for the Jornada for 25. Wow. I was also looking for a KVM for nest year for 2/3 computers, but they are expensive and tough to find. Anyway, Ed and I are talking about actually making these computers to sell, he thinks he has a way to get the acrylic cut so all we have to do is glue it an fill it with parts. Good idea, but I need more time than during school. ok, what else? Umm, the 2nd is Jenn and my 11 month anniversary, coming up on a year!!! I'm excited! And, the 2nd of this month is my Dad's b-day, and we went to Disneyland today. That was interesting. To say the least. Let's jsut say it was 104 out, and my parents don't like rough rides or long lines. Or heat. Hmm. Umm, I've been thinking of stuff to get Jenn for the anniversary, and at Disneyland today, I had an epiphany. I know what to get her. And she'd love for me to tell you right now, since then she'd read it and know. I don't think so. Wow, I'm really tired, you can tell. I've been up sonce 7, and it's 2. And I went to Disney. Long day. Hmm, I learned this month that Dave Thomas died, you know, the guy from Wendys, and I was sad. Apparantly it was a long time ago, but I'm kinda out of the loop and didn't know. So, I figure we should have a moment of silence for the guy, since he was so great, and I didn't know when he died. K, moment over, just don't forget about him, he ruled. Ok, other beef I'm having lately. I have found new artists to hate. I repeat, verbatum from the MTV VMA's: "Man, I'm way too drunk to be getting an award." Yes, that was brought to you by Pink, as she won an award. then Michelle Branch, upon winning Video of the Year, announced she was drunker than Pink. Clearly, since they won awards, they are popular, and it follows that they're role models. What do you have to say about that? That's America's youth's role models. And Ludacris, as long as I'm on a role, has a song about "Ho's in different area codes," indicating that he cheats on his clearly many girlfriends by keeping them far apart. Now, males are always portrayed as the chauvanistic sex, but this song has changed all that. Men, who in the song are portrayed as propogating women's naive carnal servitude, are merely expanding on this stereotype, which should disgust any women who ever believed in sexual equality. But, my friends, I tell you now, I have seen the niavete in today's society, and I have seen women unkowingly (Or more terrifying, knowingly) reduce themselves back to sex slaves by supporting the song and the artist. Furthermore, I have seen, and people, I tell you I have seen women actually celebrate the song in the dorm of dance. WOMEN DANCE TO THIS SONG. Sad, it's all I can say. K, now I'm all worked up, I'm going to sleep, night ya'll.

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