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Urijah Faber officially my favorite MMA fighter.

For a long time, Jeff Monson was my favorite fighter to watch. He's this barrel of a heavyweight that somehow wraps his tree trunk arms around people and makes them go to sleep. But the combination of the loss to Tim Sylvia (loss is too harsh, more like "not win") and the cancelled fight in New Jersey, he hasn't been fun to watch for a while. Nevertheless, Urijah Faber has been on top of the featherweight division for so long, he's 20 and 1. Also, the WEC is amazing for 2 reasons (it allows people who aren't ready for full scale UFC to compete and get recognition, and it is the only major televised event to feature the Bantams and Feathers which are faster paced and more fun to watch) and he's the main star of it. He's a Californian, a UC grad, and if you watch him, his fights just keep getting more fun to watch. His fight tonight against Jeff Curran was nuts, not only did he defend some tight submissions, he finished the fight with some sideways triangle choke with one leg. Two fights ago, he grabbed this flying guillotine and neck cranked the guy even as he was flipping over. He invented a move called the "Atomic Butt Stomp." Look him up, check him out, he's officially my favorite fighter and if he really gets to fight Jens Pulver in March it'll be one of the most fun fights to watch since Griffin-Bonnar 1; even though it'll be free on Versus, I'd pay for it if it were PPV.

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