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Update 1 on Life in Florida

So here's the finished set of pictures of the Apartment. I hope you like them.
Florida 2 01
Here's the entryway, I have all the shoes lined up here for now. I keep maps and lists of mall stores behind the door.
Florida 2 02
To the left is my dresser, with the Baron's tank on top of it. In a hurricaine, I plan on covering up the window outside so nothing can hit and break through. You can also see the foot of my bed, which we'll get to. I keep all my acoutraments on the dressar for the Baron to look at at night, like my watch and wallet. If you try to take them, he bites you.
Florida 2 03
The big ass queen bed, it's still not comfortable to me, plus I can't sleep under the covers since it's so hot. I sleep under the blue blanket with the fan on in the room. I have 2 underbed storages under the bed with electronic cables and other random stuff, and the magic card carrier.
Florida 2 04
Moving on, this is the area between my desk and bed. The big hole ont he wall will be for the big escalator poster which didn't make it out here. Notice I have my silicon wafer up on the wall, thank you DJ Mark. That's a beta revision of the P4, and he just gave it to me. I owe him a firstborn child for that! The tub stacks are my nightstands, and the paper sorter is very useful, although I'm not using it yet. I keep all my candles and incense on the nightstand, because the apt still smells funny. The clock is there, the trash can, and you can see my nice new desk chair.
Florida 2 05
Computer desk, with all the photos on the wall up. Notice how dark and cluttered it is on my desk, I love it like that. It makes it feel cozy with less white light. Brian and I are making lamps, I wanna put either a purple or green glow in the room.
Florida 2 06
More of the desk, some of the pictures on the wall.
Florida 2 07
Side 1 of the closet, I tried to get it all in but missed the tool box on the floor. Notice the hangars are sectioned, it makes it impossible to slide clothes apart to see something, you have to go by instinct. That's the worst thing about the apartment, except for the whole fiasco of it.
Florida 2 08
Side 2 of the closet, plus a view of the superstructure. Note the CD's and the games in the closet.
Florida 2 09
What can I say, this is the second nerve center of the room. I look here a lot of the time.
Florida 2 10
The side of the superstructure, now that I have access to it I'll put books and movies on the side as well as the front.
Florida 2 11
Pics of Jenn on the way to the bathroom,
Florida 2 12
The bathroom, with new vanilla candle (Inspired by Lucas's bathroom, vanilla is a good bathroom smell)
Florida 2 13
The dry erase poster and other stuff near the door, note the "I will not fix your computer" sign. Need to see that every day as a reminder. The word is already out about my skills. Also, you can see the fan in the kitchen, new addition, just unpacked it.
Florida 2 14
Me, mid-way through cooking my first full meal! Rice with carrots and broccoli, with grilled chicken, full of teryaki and soy sauce. Made enough for 3 nights, stored it in the new tupperware (which doubles as a bowl, since I have none)
Florida 2 15
The Baron's tank, I need to clean it although I find that by washing out the filter every day/every other day, the water stays really clean, I even kick up the rocks and nothing comes up.
Florida 2 16
Florida 2 17
My official name badge, I went to Publix and they totally treated me better when I'm in my polo with my badge on than when I go in in a t-shirt. How can I use this to my advantage. . .

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