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Howdy loyal fans!!! Wondering why the site hasn't been updated in 2 months? Well, the answer is simple - I was testing you, all of you, to see who was really a fan, versus who was jsut reading it because it was the popular thing to do at the moment. I'm glad to know everyone reading this page is unpopular, like me. Anyway, yea, to tell you what's going on now, I did orientation, It was a total blast, then I moved into Jenn's apartment for the summer, where I got a freakishly not fun sinus infection. While I'm here, I've been getting some of her stuff set up, like, ehr cable, her internet, and her bed, among other amnenities, like a garbage can, and the outside closet where we keep the bodies. . .I mean, the lawn chairs. Anyway, yea, I've been pretty bored, hanging out with some of the OL's, but mostly staying at home like a loser. I went home for the 4th of July, and got a car when I came back, yay. I've been trying to do as much damage to the car as I can, you know, running into peopel, driving off the road a lot, that sort of thing. Actually, the other day I ran it head on into a wall about 6 times, jsut because I thought the front wasn't flat enough. Umm, what else? I broke a 3.0 GPA with my grades last quarter, look out, 3.5 cumulative GPA is on the way. umm, otherwise, there's not much else. I'm a boring person. I play a lot of Banjo and Kazooie because I have no life, and now that I beat it I actually have to spend all my time studying. It's really not fair at all. So, new stuff is what you want? Ok, I've been working on a new song, and here it is. It's just an idea, but whatever, maybe one day it'll make me famous. What else? I have a giant red ball, available for viewing here. Yea, it's sad, but whatever, he makes me happy, so it's all good. And this is funny Well, I'm out of other interesting news, so please stay tuned, as I should be undergoing my transformation into a full blown butterfly any day now, and I can't wait. All those damn people calling me a slug, I'M A CATTERPILLAR FOR GOD SAKE!!! Bye.

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