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The Wonder Twins Think I’m A Nerd

This shouldn't be a long entry. FIrst of all, I'm gonna make the little un-done area on the left the "A-House update area." When I get time, I'll put a calendar and some links there. But as for me, I dont' have so much to say. I got all melancholy for a few days, so I'll post some stuff from that.
  How can you look in the mirror after sitting back and complaining that you never have the opportunity? The opportunity is now.
  I am afraid of controversy
  You're only as sheltered as you let yourself be
  Sometimes I like to listen to music so I don't have to hear myself think
  Your vote doesn't count, if it counted then you'd be the one deciding, wouldn't you? And don't give me that crap about "oh, what if it's close," if my vote was that important they'd have sent me my friggen absentee ballot one of the 2 years they DIDN'T. And whatever way an election goes, it's your responsibility as a human being to adjust and deal with it, if you wanna be a baby and whine that your vote didn't win, go to another state or country. I'll even pack your bags. I literally challenge all of you who say the state is gonna fall apart because of Ahnold to leave, whether you like him or not, he's the governor and we all have to deal. None of us are the state, but we are all equal members of it, and in this popularity contest we lose sometimes, and being mature means we don't go on the news and begin talking armageddon. Hell, I don't even believe in all his politics, I'm not even his party, and I'm supporting him because he won. It's our responsibility.
  There's some lines of disrespect that should never be crossed. It's one thing to not like someone and have disrespect, it's another thing to put yourself in a condescending superiority role over them. DO what you need to do, but have some respect about it. Please.
  Neverending battles are called that for a reason. The key is recognize it and remove yourself.
  Sometimes, even though you've seen it better elsewhere, tradition is valuable for a reason. And don't step on people's toes.
  I don't like prejudice people. Ironic?
  Finally, and most importantly, I DO NOT LIKE TO WRITE PEOPLE UP!!! Somehow, I've gotten this label as the HA who is looking to write people up. As a great HA once said, there's a balance between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. I've written one group up for somehting undeniable, but other than that I have given warnings to people for quiet hours, have taken away the ping pong equipment at quiet hours, and have torn down and colelcted illegal fliers. In fact, I wonder sometimes if I should be more strict, because I feel I'm letting a lot I see go. So if you have that impression that I am looking for trouble, know I'm officially now angry at you (and only you people) and am looking at you specifically to be written up. To everyone else, if you really, truly deserve it, I'll write you up, but I'd rather have a mutually respectful relationship with you where we both understand and respect the rules we all have to live by. No one is perfect, and I don't expect anyone to be. I consider my role as an HA not primarily as an officer, but more as a counselor, I think the most important thing I have to do is listen to someone when they have a problem or concern, and be the voice of understanding/comfort/reason. Some of the most important interactions I've had are people telling me how they went and partied off campus, which is fine so long as I don't see you drunk, but to me, it means they trust me, and the fact that a handful of people at this point have expressed their trust in me makes me confident that I'm doing at least somewhat of a decent job.
  Since I'm giving this site out to a lot of people who don't know me well personally, here's a summary. I'm a nerd at heart, I love computers and old TV and guitar and lazer tag and bowling and video games. I am comfortable making a fool of myself, especially if it makes other people feel comfortable. I have a lot of very strong convictions, but I make a point, except in very few cases, to extend it to other people. I like hearing other people's philosophies, I hate it when you try to make me think like you do. For example, without even discussing issues, I consider myself a liberal because 90% of Republicans I know have a pushy, cocky, demanding attitude. They all tell you what to think. That's disgusting to me, I associate myself with liberals because they're the type of personalities I would like to be around. (That's not to say all Republicans are like that, or that I dislike all republicans, some of my best friends are like that, but it's definately something that gets on my nerves, and more often than not I tune that kind of attitude out) I am strongly against drinking, and I never plan on drinking in my life. That doesn't mean I have any disrespect for you if you do drink, and I have no problem being around people who drink, but I've seen the dark side of it and it's not for me. I never plan to drink, not even the customary 21st birthday drink. For all of you who look at astounded that I've never been to a real party or I have no desire to go to TJ, that's why. It's just not for me. Oh, and I don't dance either, ask the Wonder Twins why. I'm heavily involved with my GF, Jenn, of 2 years, we're best frineds and I don't know what I'd do without her. This whole job and room and everything is still new to me and I'm really adjusting still, but when I'm with her I always feel like I'm home, and not just in this temporary room for a year. Other than that, I love watching movies on a friday or saturday night and I have millions, so come by if you like that. For all of you who are reading this, I really want to get to know everyone in the house, and I'm still learning names and faces (Sorry if you say Hi to me and I don't recognize you at first, there's like 600 new people who I've seen and am still learning) I'd like for all of you to stop by and just say hi for a few minutes, it'll help me start a relationship with you. Sianara!

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