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The Ring

First off, none of you know this page exists. It must be kept that way.

When we walked into the Zales store in Destin, I confronted what had been the head of a long conflict. Jenn and other parties had been pressuring me for a long time to propose, and other people had been pressuring me to wait. Without naming names (because I honestly don't remember) it seemed like everyone I knew was on one side or another. To me, the decision stopped being about what I wanted for my life and the person I wanted to be with but about which group I wanted to appease, so I shut the topic down in a firey explosion. Now, finally, I've had time to contact my own emotions and decide things for myself, and this is the decision I have made. This is the woman I love and I am ready to commit to her for the rest of my life.

I didn't want Jenn to have seen the ring I had given her, which is why the Zales outlet was such a good choice. Small Tally jewelers would suck to get maintenance done if we move, and at mainstream chains she's seen all the online rings and it wouldn't be a surprise since she's already formed opinions on all of them. The outlet has old models with nothing wrong with them, they just aren't online and taking up valuable space in small mall stores. When we walked into the store, this ring immediately stuck out. It was close to the one she used to like, only without the wide band and with less contour to the wedding band (good thing). We asked to look at it, and I was instantly sold. On top of that, it was even her size, no maintenance needed! It was this point I had a mini panic attack and we decided to walk away. Not that I was second guessing my decision or anything, it's just that in about 2 minutes I had all of a sudden with little analysis I was about to committ to something larger than anything I've committed to in a long time. I'm not good with impulse decisions, and I couldn't believe that this had fallen into place so fast. If you know me, you know I like to mull over big decisions for months. We shopped for about an hour, and in that hour I realized that it wasn't an impulse decision at all, but the reason it happened so quickly was that it was the right decision. So I went back to the store, pointed to it and lo and behold, the price was more right than I ever imagined. It fit on my debit card, and it's all paid off with my savings, I didn't even need to dip into student loan money (which I was prepared to do). In less than 10 minutes total in the store, I became a wedding ring owner; the owner of the perfect ring with all the right perfect qualities at a more than perfect finalcial situation. Wow.

Engagement Ring 01
Here's all the stuff they gave me with it.
Engagement Ring 02
The ring, band, and box it came in.
Engagement Ring 03
Close up of the rings together in the box, with mints I'll have to use for my first engaged kiss in the background.
Engagement Ring 04
The ring. Wow, that's it, the ring. The one she'll wear forever.
Engagement Ring 05
The side of it. It's not flimsy like a lot of the ones I didn't like, it's solid and won't bend.
Engagement Ring 06
I know this can be interpreted as a past present future ring, but I don't see it as that. The one she liked before this had a central stone with three framing diamonds in a triangle on either side, these are just 2 framing medium diamonds. The other one pinched a lot more after the three, and this one is a more gradual taper, I like it.
Engagement Ring 07
I LOVE the etching on the edges, that's the detail I required and this had it. It's totally the difference between a nice ring and a ring that sparkles from every single angle you could possibly look at it. When you see this ring, it's as if the finger it's on is illuminated.
Engagement Ring 08
The wedding band, see the slight contour?
Engagement Ring 09
More contour with the interlocking on top, I love it since it's a half round of the same style, once again just grabs every eye in the room.
Engagement Ring 10
Where the rings lock together.
Engagement Ring 11
And that's it, wish me luck come this summer when I plan to propose!

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