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The Incident

This day, August 19 2007, will henceforth be know as the day of "the incident." We have been planning a garden outside the back of the house for some time, and while she is in California I decided to finish the digging. About half of the ground is clay and the other half is rocks, so it's miserable work. The hole is about 30 feet long, 4 feet wide and a foot and a half deep. I had excavated out a ton of rocks, and was using clay to make an even flooring to absorb water. While doing this Rygel was helping me dig and making himself a right mess. This is ok, he was going to get a bath today anyway, and I put an empty trash can in the way of his walkway so he couldn't go inside all messy. Well, I finished digging and had leveled out the clay, and I used the hose to wet the whole place to help settle the clay and make a flat bottom. Rygel loves the hose, so he jumped in and proceeded to roll around in wet, muddy clay and hose water. He was the sloppiest I've ever seen him. Well, I begin hosing myself off outside, when all of a sudden he goes rocketing up his ramp and to my chagrin, he makes a flying leap at the trash can, knocking it over and exposing the door which he quickly went through. I ran around the deck, up the stairs, opened the gate and went in, but the damage was done. I took him back outside, then took off all my muddiness and we went into the bathroom to have a bath. Nevertheless, the damage was done.

Rygel Incident Hole
This is the hole, which will be filled with dirt and planted soon.
Rygel's Incident 01
A muddy, mucky mess, he is.
Rygel's Incident 02
His white face patches are brown with dirt.
Rygel's Incident 03
The bathroom. He definately slipped out of the tub and shook mud everywhere.
Rygel's Incident 04
A closeup of the bathroom floor.
Rygel's Incident 05
The tub, oh the tub, and this is AFTER the shower, when much of it rinsed off.
Rygel's Incident 06
He rolled in his towel a bit.
Rygel's Incident 07
Whose paw prints are those on the deck???
Rygel's Incident 08
My muddy socks and boots, which obviously didn't help.
Rygel's Incident 09
Wipe your paws??? notice the paw prints up the door, that's from the flying leap into the trash can.
Rygel's Incident 10
Notice the muddy carpet prints, the muddy tile, and the busted honkey locked up while I scrubbed the carpet.
Rygel's Incident 11
See if you can guess where Rygel went!

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