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The Hair Length/Crazy Theory.

I have developed a new theory. I believe you can use hair length as a judge of how crazy a girl is. Allow me to explain.

There is an appropriate hair length for each age in your life, as a girl. Not to say you can't deviate, but there's an age-appropriate connection. It's not my own theory, read here. I also conducted my own informal poll where these biases were confirmed. Here's a brief guideline I am proposing on my own:

  • Appropriate Age: 15-25
  • Appropriate Age: 25-35
  • Appropriate Age: 30-40
  • Appropriate Age: 40-50
  • Appropriate Age: 50+

Ok. Look at those 5 groups. Look at the approximate age, and the approximate hair LENGTH (not style). Here's my theory: For each hair-length group outside of your age range you are, add a point. Then, add a bonus point if the hair color is OBVIOUSLY dyed unnaturally (19 year old with pink hair. 87 year old with bright orange hair, etc.) If you have 2 or more points...You're nuts, or a pain in the ass. It's an "avoid" flag. If you're 23 and have spiky short hair...proceed with caution. If you're 67 and have a ponytail down to your lower're selling pet squirrels and turquoise jewelry on the side of the freeway. If you're just 1 away...that's fine, maybe a tiny warning, but it's a safe-zone.

This is my own opinion and my own theory, but I'm interested in feedback. And experiences. I call it the "Gullo Hair Length/Craziness" theory. DISCUSS!

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