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The Gum Wrapper Foil Ball

I'm a strange guy and I know this. I often do a lot of weird things for some reasonable goal, for example, fixing the Big Screen TV. Nevertheless, I do a lot of things for no purpose as well, and the best example is the gum wrapper foil ball. I don't really remember how I started, I do know it was my second year of undergrad sometime and that I had one and lost it before working on this second one. I started it by acquiring about 50 de-waxed wrappers and rolling them into a ball, meaning what you see is gum wrapper foil all the way to the core. I like to work on these when watching movies and stuff, just some mindless activity to keep my hands busy which seems to destress me.
Gumball 01
This is the current state of the ball, with a nail clipper for a size comparison. It's a little bigger than a raquetball, maybe a little smaller then a tennis ball. It weighs a couple of pounds.
Gumball 02
Here's the ball with an un-processed wrapper, once again for size comparison.
Gumball 03
I have a process for removing the wax paper from the foil and leaving the foil as a full sheet, which I will now document. Here's a wrapper.
Gumball 04
Flatten the wrapper out.
Gumball 05
Pinch the end with the foil side in.
Gumball 06
Roll the wrapper between your fingers for its entire length.
Gumball 07
When you're done, it should still be bent. The rolling causes the wax to curl slower than the foil, seaprating them.
Gumball 08
Now the ends should begin coming apart. Find any separation and begin to make it bigger with your finger.
Gumball 09
I then slide my finger in which makes the separation bigger.
Gumball 10
More separation.
Gumball 11
Finally pulling the two layers together, the foil has some tacky glue on it still.
Gumball 12
Here's the wrapper, separated.
Gumball 13
Put the wrapper on the ball, glue side down.
Gumball 14
Fold the wrapper around the ball.
Gumball 15
More. . .
Gumball 16
Finally, the wrapper is down, though not smooth.
Gumball 17
I take the ball and roll it against a smooth table, pushing down. It compresses the foil and makes the surface smooth and shiny.
Gumball 18
Come by my room and see it sometime, it's kind of amazing to look at and hold!

2 Responses to “The Gum Wrapper Foil Ball”

  1. Kris Jones Says:

    I thought I was the only one doing something like this. Very interesting. Mine is exactly the size of a baseball right now. I think the only differences between yours and mine are that I use a different method to remove the foil from the ball (I use a pin, slide it under one side, and then pull the foil slowly off) and then I cut flaps down each side of the foil strip so that the foil folds down smoothly with no wrinkles – it makes the ball a little more dense that way. Great work though, and nice to see someone else putting the time in!

  2. Thomas J Schulte Says:

    I crumple the foil up to make it loosen from the wrapper. Sometimes the two sections won’t separate all the way cleanly. Also, I have a problem with the ball accepting new foil after it gets about so big. Tried using super glue but that gets messy and away from my original intent of only having the foil stick to itself. My largest ball to date is 2.4 ounces.

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