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Guide to Meeting Rygel

Rygel, our fantastic puppy, ( really likes people a lot. However, there's rules and a procedure for meeting him, and these must be strictly followed. Here are the rules, all laid out for all to know before meeting him.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE! We've extensively trained him to hold his bladder, but for a select few people (read: Leon and my Dad) he compulsively piddles every time he sees them. He's always done it to the 2 of them, and if you're part of this select group, you'll just have to get used to greeting him outside. He can't help it and it can't wait, we don't know if it's a smell or something, but he INSTANTLY pees.


  1. When he sees a new person, whether it's in the park, in his house, outside, wherever, he will bark and snarl at you. You will be convinced he will bite you, and he might, though we never let anyone get close enough. He is completely viscous sounding and is truly frightening. This is normal. (Side note: recently, 2 small children have met him, and he hasn't been interested or bothered, he simply ignores them. Not to encourage small children around him, but one was a Downs syndrome girl whose mom was walking through our old house and let the girl walk, and Rygel tolerated her poking very, very well.)
  2. He will be on a leash or held tight by the collar while all his nastiness is going on. One of us (Jenn of I) will get a treat.
  3. We will put the treat in his face, and grab his attention. There is a narrow window for this.
  4. He will be told to sit, at which point the treat will be handed to you in full view of Rygel.
  5. You will extend the non-treat hand, and both you and Jenn/Myself will say "shake hands" to which he will very politely extend a paw and shake your hand.
  6. You give him the treat

And then all will be well. It's like a freaking "off" switch. Usually one routine of this is enough, occasionally he'll forget you next time you come around and we need to do it again, but it takes THAT TRICK for some crazy reason to make him OK with people. High Five doesn't work, nor does Roll Over, Play Dead, Stand Up, Lay Down, etc.

For warning to people who don't like dogs, he has no self control when it comes to addressing people he is friends with. He will sit in your lap. He will lick your face. He will bring you toys to play with. He will fall asleep on your leg. He is the most affectionate cuddler ever, and loves to play all day, but you have to get in his good graces first.

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