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Populist Anger

The healthcare debate is the tip of the iceberg in what will soon become an onslaught of populist anger. The arrogance and greed of the people in charge are so out of control that they need to be PUNISHED.

This completely falls along partisan lines. Here's some history as I see it, this is my subset of important points:

  1. Deregulation of the financial industry by conservatives
  2. The economy bubbles, people begin to trust financial "experts" empowered by conservatives
  3. People buy homes they can't afford because the status quo and the experts say it's ok
  4. Financial decisions were made by a subset of the wealthy elite (often in insurance industries) to bankrupt the entire country
  5. Millions of lower/middle class families are put out of work, combined with an unexpected sudden burden of adjustable rate mortgages readjusting, people go bankrupt
  6. To save the economy, a first bailout is planned by a mixed congress and republican president
  7. A democratic president is elected with a left-wing congress
  8. A second bailout is planned by democrats in both branches of government
  9. The bailouts help stabilize the ship, but do not fully right it...It's not leaking bad enough to sink anymore
  10. People still are unable to get loans/jobs; the deregulated industries don't trickle the money down
  11. Executives at financial and insurance companies demand million dollar bonuses on top of their million dollar salaries after their actions put millions out of work, and they get them
  12. Healthcare is proposed, conservative outrage ensues about not wanting to be taxed to pay for lazy sick people
  13. A weak reform passes that allows private insurance to continue at the outrage of conservatives crying about freedom

And now we hear people crying and complaining about "oh, I don't want to be taxed and punished to pay for someone else's healthcare." Yup, seems pretty unfair. You know what else is unfair? When the rich make decisions that put people out of their homes even when they worked hard for years. That's pretty unfair. When the powerful elite demand 100-million dollar bonuses after their work literally bankrupted people. That's the person they want you to feel sorry for, poor them getting robbed by the big bad government.

Tough shit. Seriously. 30 years of getting fucked by the people in power, and now when the government tries to do something to help those who are out of work by no fault of their own, what do we see? Rambling and lies, pity parties, and an all out clusterfuck of misinformation and self-interest. It's over. It's time for robin hood. Want to talk unfair? The auto worker that joins a union and works hard for 20 years making $70,000 a year to feed a family of 5 loses his job because some exec making millions tells him to make a car they designed that doesn't meet market demands. Want to talk unfair? A person buys a house because the bank tells them they can afford it, and when they worry they're assured it'll be ok because values always increase, while in reality even the government regulators can't figure the system out it's so complex, then when some banker gambles their mortgage away in some packaged clusterfuck of debt, they're the ones kicked out of their house and their tax dollars (supposed to be going to helping out the housing market) go into the bonus-stuffed pockets of the bankers. MOST OF TARP IS STILL UNACCOUNTED FOR.

It's time for unfair to work the other way. If someone is making $200,000 a year and they have to lose $75,000 of that in taxes today, FINE. FUCK THEM. You can live on $125,000 a year, and don't tell me you can't. I don't give a fuck what you're used to, I don't give a fuck how hard you worked. Many people worked hard and they have NOTHING, you think you have a right to complain when you would be left with RICHES. It's sick that someone like that needs to feel sorry for them selves; if I had my way, you'd be taxed 50% and then if you complained another 25%; that's 2 for flinching.

Because of the decisions of the elite few, more people than in DECADES are barely able to survive with the money they make. This is not the time to feel sorry for the wealthy; complain all you want about "why are you punishing people for doing a good job," when people are literally becoming homeless because they lost their job and got a mortgage they didn't understand they couldn't afford, the last concern should be the person making $400,000 a year having to find a way to make ends meet after an extra 3% tax.

The arrogance of the upper class has gotten completely out of control, it's the french revolution all over again. "Why don't they just get a job" or "why not just get a good education" and "why should i have to pay for their healthcare" are the modern day "let them eat cake." Democracy is the tool of self-governance for the informed populous, but we have transitioned into a society that values misinformation and emotion over rational discussion, and I believe that democracy is now an ineffective system of government. How many people are against the health care bill because "it has death panels" or "it pays for abortions" or "my insurance is going to go through the roof" or "it takes away my freedoms."

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