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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-08-05

  • After 3+ months of being homeless...@SDBarbieDoll @rygelthewoof and I are homeowners again! About freaking time! #DemoStartsTonight #
  • First night in the new house...just self-installed #xfinity and blew up the air mattress #
  • I just don't get why a restaurant has an opinion on a social issue...does McD have an opinion? It just invites me to make an opinion on you. #
  • I literally couldn't stop myself from smiling when I pulled this great old friend from the pod. #
  • Day 1 tour of the new house: #LessShakeyCam #Projects #LongVideo #
  • Oh my gosh look what I found hidden in 1 of the extra bedrooms closet! I wonder what kind of juicy stuff is on it! #
  • I have a scrape that looks like the RSS feed icon. Subscribe to me! #

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