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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2012-01-15

  • 1)Idiocracy 2)Fight Club 3)Dogma 4)American Psycho 5)Matrix Reloaded 6)Demolition Man 7)Clockwork Orange 8)Beer Wars #MoviesThatDefineLife #
  • I've kept this for years...just because I've never seen a drive that can read this. Advice? #
  • Gotta love those "High Definition Graphics." #
  • How's this for an @amahi setup. FreeNAS box that supports 12 SATA drives on top. #
  • So...I have to learn Ruby on Rails. Fast. Any recommendations? #PotentialJobOffer #RequiredSkill #ISaidIAlreadyKnowIt #
  • I nominate @redban for a Shorty Award in #webshow because he works to the point of delirium to entertain me with farts #
  • Multiple times we've missed movies because their ticketing is broke. This is why we drive 80 mins to Richmond to see movies. Or pirate them. #

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