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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2011-12-11

  • Man...the last episode of stargate SG-1 was really sad. Cam's meltdown was powerful; Daniel and Vala was sweet. Miss it already. Great show. #
  • Actual e-mail about world AIDS day from my employer: "You can help fight HIV/AIDS by eating out during the month of December!
    " #Giggity #
  • If you value innovation, please support Barnes and Noble.Even go buy a pen or notecard or something if you don't read: #
  • If I hadn't had my hospital badge on I'd have chewed out the 8 month pregnant lady smoking outside of CVS. You should need a permit to breed #
  • Anytime I see a stupid person about to breed, I watch this: #IHaveToGetOffThisPlanet #
  • I am so sorry but this completely SFW video is the funniest thing I've ever seen. For all the wrong reasons: #
  • Would you rather be executed by being sent to the moon or deep sea? The moon. Why? Angler fish...that's why. #
  • Is my holiday elf badass? Hmm, maybe, I'm not sure... OMG HELLZ YES IT IS! #ArcReactor #
  • The Drake Equation should have a factor for distance from our radio waves are only 100ish light years away now, MilkyWay is 100K ly #
  • Distance from us has huge factor from if we'll ever communicate. The Drake Equation depresses me a lot. #NoEnterprise #ByeByeWorf #MehNoBorg #
  • Thank you @HP for giving us the ability to work together on #WebOS and make it the best platform out there! #

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