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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-04-17

  • That was the most bizarre UFC ever. BJ was asleep and Anderson has lost his mind. WTF did I just watch? And how did a anaconda not get SOTN? #
  • @notrightn0w Exactly, what world are we in that an armbar is cooler than a gator-rolled anaconda wth a 5 second tap time? in reply to notrightn0w #
  • Note to @danawhite don't do outdoor events in the hot humid desert, giving your underperformers the "I was tired" excuse. #
  • So I have a skin spot on my elbow that looks like psoriasis...that's weird. #
  • Damn, up at work earlt,mostly a zombie, new computer today tho. #
  • One of those days where I just don't give a flying fuck anymore. #
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO my computer is delayed until tomorrow! Can this day get any more disappointing! #
  • @krubuckgrant Good to hear, can't wait, we're planning to use the videos as a lead-up promotion for him, he's gonna be a household name! in reply to krubuckgrant #
  • RT @jayount: "I don't know much about my opponent, Ryan White, other than he's a limey bastard."- @silverbackseth #
  • Hacked an Xbox last night, been a few years. Really enjoyed it, I miss doing that kind of stuff. Gonna be my arcade cabinet's core. #
  • I work til 7 tonight...but then new computer, xbox re-assembly, AND Bioshock 2. I CANNOT WAIT to get home today. #
  • On the walk to grab lunch, Pantera - Cowboys from hell AND Sublime - What I Got came on. Pantera rules, but you can't headbang in a hospital #
  • RT @jayount: B.J. Penn’s Boxing Coach Jason Parillo Reflects On UFC 112 Loss: #BJPenn #UFC112 #RVCA #
  • - IT'S FINALLY HERE! AFTER ALL THESE WEEKS! I dub thee Surfrock76. #
  • Crank 2 is by far the greatest movie I've ever seen. Watch it and tell me you aren't enjoying it, I dare you. #
  • @MMA4Real For a guy who is now 6-5, I'd say yes it's too soon. Time to stop taking his skill for granted, give him a reason to want it. in reply to MMA4Real #
  • Program coordinator's retreat going strong, though I'm devastatingly tired and am in for a long night. #
  • Dear god finally home, this is possibly the most tired I've ever been. Time to start self-medicating. #
  • @ the dulle airport, just woke long enough to eat bacon, I'm super drugged up to sleep on the flight #
  • Flyin', out, see ya in ATL #
  • Landed in atl. #
  • On plane to LAX, razor thin layover. More sleep is critical. #
  • Landed in LA, rough flight...the little girl in front of us puked the whole 4.5 hour flight. #
  • Coffee with Meg Gullo (@ Starbucks Coffee) #
  • Coffe with Meg Gullo (@ Starbucks Coffee) #
  • - Bird still remembers me for sure. #
  • Wow life is great I have no complaints and am just happy #
  • I'm at Cheesecake Factory (321 West Katella Ave., Gardenwalk, Anaheim). #

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