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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-03-27

  • I think I may have chosen every game wrong for my bracket, is there a prize for that? #
  • What a bummer of a fight outcome, I hope Irvin gets another fight quick. #
  • so did chieck kongo just win submission of the night? #
  • - So I built a desk for the exercise bike today so I can work while I work out. #
  • I'm at 7-Eleven (2218 Barracks Rd., Charlottesville). #
  • There are legit objections to the HCR bill, but I love that I've debunked most complainers with text from the actual bill. #
  • RT @FightTrends RT and Follow @WarriorInt to Win One of 10 Shane Carwin Walkout T-Shirts! #MMA #UFC #
  • NO to Socialism! [Image]: #
  • Lol at Republicans complaining about Biden...your party floated SARAH PALIN! You lose any right to complain about a vice president! #
  • Suck it @meg gullo (@ Panera) #
  • And for two...MEG (@ Arch's Frozen Yogurt) #
  • Mitt Romney makes me wish Phil Hartman was still alive. #
  • This is how you act? You're bad ppl. RT @DailyProgress: Auth. are investigating a severed gas line at Rep. Perriello's: #
  • I'm at Aromas (1104 Emmet Street N, Charlottesville). #
  • - Oh god yes. #
  • Palin tells followers to 'reload' and 'aim for' Democrats: This is deliberate and uncalled for, she's a terrorist. #
  • Anyone ever use Amahi? It sounds like what I'm looking for, but I don't know fedora very well and would like some feedback/recommendations. #
  • RT @MMAspot: Hendo Grades Early Strikeforce, CBS Efforts; #
  • RT @MMAspot: Fabricio Werdum Sleep Walks #
  • @tylerbaker Listened to yesterday's show...The sign is a top 5 of all time favorite, I give you a 100% pass. #
  • @notrightn0w @CM_Holden My heart says Mir, my brain says "how the fuck do you beat Shane Carwin???" in reply to notrightn0w #
  • "My Wallet is with Carwin, my heart is with Mir." via @notrightn0w What a perfect way to put that. I will be on my feet screaming either way #
  • @sarahBmorgan ZOMG STILL ALIVE RULES. How many people are calling in sick when Portal 2 comes out???? in reply to sarahBmorgan #
  • @notrightn0w In @sdbarbiedoll 's ER, they call it "High Five" since, you know HIV -> HI V -> V=Five in Roman Numerals. #TheMoreYouKnow in reply to notrightn0w #
  • Can someone check my ass for a shoeprint? This day has been kicking it so hard that there must be a mark. #tgif #
  • Reading: "Tenacious Troll"( ) #
  • I'm at AMF Kegler's. #
  • Check out M-1 Global Selection LIVE streaming at #mmaspot @MMASpot #M 1 #
  • - Did some scooter work including installing the cup holder. Starbuckks 4 a test. #
  • @rygelthewoof is acting like my frappuccino is worth dying over; he's wailing and staring at it. He can't has. Cup holder works well btw. #
  • Another ufc ppv, another time comcast goes down at 8:30. I will be streaming since I have no way to pay for it on the tv. #
  • Real quick, need feedback, which is better (esp. for MMA) DirecTV or Dish Network? What about c-ville support? #
  • Streaming UFC 111 off of; the quality is SHIT. Why is this the same price as the HD ppv? I'm d'ling it later too. #
  • That was the best round of MMA I've seen, ever. WAR JIM MILLER AND MARK BOCEK! #

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