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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-03-13

  • WAR TEAM ALPHA MALE! Benavides with the guillotine, he and Faber are like twins man. #
  • Awesome night of fights, I love the WEC so much. Can't WAIT for April 24 though... #
  • So there was a 100 person fight at the mall that in c-ville that caused an And only 1 arrest. How lame. #
  • I have learned more about computers just looking in wonderment at the linux kernel code. I understand .003% of it. #
  • Check out @UntamedIND for sweet MMA gear, I was rocking my @AntwainBrittMMA shirt this week and it is BAD ASS! #
  • Check out @UntamedIND "Juggernaut" shirt. @AntwainBrittMMA is going to look great the next time he's in the cage. #MMA #
  • has really gone to shit. I remember when I could just play my loved tracks. It's so bad. #
  • For example, last time I used I listened to christmas music. Now my library is full of it and I get no real music. #
  • @MikeLanders I'm thinking about it. in reply to MikeLanders #
  • RT @MMAspot: Alessio Sakara vs. James Irvin Promoted To Main Card #
  • @joerogandotnet Your podcast for non-itunes users, give this link: in reply to joerogandotnet #
  • @krubuckgrant So is the Brtt-Feijao fight confirmed? This is Joe from the MMASpot video interview 2 weeks ago by the way. in reply to krubuckgrant #
  • I'm at Five Guys (Emmett, Charlottesville). #
  • RT @jhatfiel: RT @drPodder: is #4 on the recent popular dl page in the Palm App Catalog! Thanks for your support! #
  • Wow, that getting yelled at was so off based I actually think the person yelling has lost touch with reality... #
  • @joerogandotnet I just listened to podcast 10, why do you believe there is a soul? I see no evidence except that other people say so... #
  • @joerogandotnet Podcast 10: could non-linear civilization be the reason we're adapted to try to achieve static, stored, backed up life? #
  • "Loaves and fishes" was the original socialism. Republican jesus would just eat, condemn the lazy starving ppl, & say food will trickle down #
  • PLEASE RT! Want Google Fiber here in Cville? You can help by filling out a survey. Still won't get us a sea port. #
  • I take back anything bad I ever said about tosh.0, it's the best show on tv except metalocalypse. #
  • This gif is all that matters in my life right now: #
  • Gotta take pride in what you do...these file cabinets are the most filed that they can be bitches. I don't dick around with my ABC's. #
  • See? I just repaired the broken file cabinet. Didn't think you could exceed expectations on filing papers, did you? I am truly the greatest. #
  • Oh windows media player 9, how I laugh at your inability to play a .ogg file. Oh UVA, how I laugh at your mandated use of IE 6 and WMP 9. #
  • Watching Gokor teach chokes on Manswers is funny. Watching Manswers is pathetic. #
  • @terryandshari - Lex learns the hard way why Lindsey Lohan's nickname was "Fire Crotch." #
  • At MMA Institute filming the MMA for Charity EventJ (@ MMA Institute) #
  • I'm at Starbucks in Harris Teeter (975 Emmet St. South, Charlottesville). #
  • I got to see Joe Silva tell a group learning from Sam Hogar "Watch your beanies and gear around this guy." It was a very memorable day 🙂 #
  • I'm at Outback Steakhouse - 355 Albemarle Square (355 Albemarle Square, Charlottesville). #

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