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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-02-13

  • @TerryJaymes You and Lex have evaded mystery donut for so long, & it was supposed to be for everyone! Time to pay up 4 the sum of past deeds in reply to TerryJaymes #
  • I just looked @ a tea-party convention recap. Handprompter, "tard is bad 'cept when Rush says it," & the signs. Keep up the solid work guys. #
  • Complaining about Teleprompters - cuz planning the things that come out of your mouth before you say them is a bad thing to the right wing. #
  • I think I'm gonna just switch to metric full time. Maybe if we all do it, eventually USA will catch up with the rest of the world. #
  • @billybennett I built a file server out of a 450mhz box I got at surplus, then using linux it has echo over 4 drives. Not free, but close. in reply to billybennett #
  • @billybennett I've tried 2 things, just a *buntu or DSL. The syncing program I use is Unison. Network store something on 1 drive, it echos. in reply to billybennett #
  • Man, with both a toyota and honda recall, buying ford stock at $1.23 may have been the best decision of my life. #
  • RT @CBS19: 2009-2010 is now the snowiest winter on record in Cville! The 55" so far beats the old record of 54.7" How high will we go? 60"? #
  • @thecoylewis the warranty may suck...but the stock is AMAZING. I've made more than 10x my money. And I LOVE the fusion hybrid. in reply to thecoylewis #
  • Do ppl really think snow proves global warming false? Warming is climate change, correction events aka storms get worse when climate warms. #
  • @TerryJaymes Can you do 2 minutes of power advice each day in the lost hour? It doesn't matter if calls suck, and it's my favorite bit. in reply to TerryJaymes #
  • hand\ #
  • @terryjaymes @lexstaley @bvnp @peet2 Remember this guy? Drunk Vagina Celebration (GIF): #
  • Is it weird that even thinking about #Farscape makes me emotional for my teens? #
  • @CBS19 It's the Matterhorn. in reply to CBS19 #
  • Check out my new MMASpot interview with Falaniko "Niko" Vitale: "Showing What He’s About" #
  • ZOMG @mayhemmiller is announcing #KotC on #HDNet And Rich Clementi is fighting? Best Friday Night Ever! #
  • "He's taking more shots than Mayhem during happy hour!" Michael Schiavello is so stupid. #KotC #HDNet #
  • The screens in the arena for #KotC just went Blue Screen of Death. This is entertaining, but it makes you appreciate UFC/WEC. #
  • The cold open to the Star Trek Con spoof of CSI is now one of my favorite TV moments ever. So much freaking fun. #

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