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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-02-06

  • Fuck man, I seriously hope to never deal with another person's incompetent computer problems again. Either pay me or go find another sucker. #
  • This day is Manhoefing me, I need to seriously Lawler it before it gets much more out of hand. #LetsMakeItATerm #
  • if we're really supposed to get 24 inches of snow Saturday, I'm hopping on the scooter and driving south, I literally don't care where I go. #
  • Seconded. Like putting a windows cd in a linux pc. RT @MikeLanders: some people in this world should not be allowed to own a computer. #fb #
  • Everyone knows my life is spiraling out of control...I just added Manswers to my tivo, it's worse than I thought. #
  • I'm actually wearing a snuggie, it's awesome. I'm so much sexier than any of you. #
  • OMG SURFIN BIRD FAMILY GUY IS ON MY TIVO! I am going to be SO ANNOYING tomorrow! #
  • So 30 inches of snow this weekend...I may just go back to California for good on Friday, we move here & suddenly 20 year snows all the time. #
  • I want to like tosh.0, but he makes it so hard. "Just read the cards Mr. Tosh, you don't have to try very hard." #EMailItIn #
  • Current weather report: 1 inch of ice by 6 AM, 28 inches of snow on top of that. GET ME OUT OF HERE. #
  • - The shortest line at harris teeter, where everyone is shopping for the #snowpocalypse #fml #
  • Question of the day. Picture the hottest person you can think of. They become a zombie. Would you still go there? #
  • @notrightn0w A dangerous game, isn't it? Only if you want to. in reply to notrightn0w #
  • Playing dead rising has left me with Zombies on the brain. #
  • MMASpot "UFC 109: Relentless" Staff Picks: #
  • Finally, cell phone came back on! We're powerless, were phoneless, I'm beginning to lose my mind... #
  • I stood in front of the microwave pushing buttons saying "beep" to no effect for 20 minutes before @sdbarbiedoll found me. Soon, darkness. #
  • @mmaspot thx for the updates, no power, phone & tweets are my only link to the outside! BTW called the Beltran win. #

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