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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-01-31

  • @sarahBmorgan You'll get crap for being a Biskit on LnT, plus it's trashy. You'll do what you're gonna do, I only say it since you asked. in reply to sarahBmorgan #
  • Check out my interview with Ferrid Kheder, recent Bellator 155lb signee, on #
  • RT @google: Google Voice HTML5 web app now available for iPhone and Palm WebOS devices #
  • I think I'm having a manic wednesday. My typing speed is easily up over 90 WPM right now. Better watch out, smoke coming from the keyboard. #
  • 2day is a day that apple fanboyism truly becomes a joke. 10 yrs ppl dont buy tablets, apple makes a big iPhone & it's the tablet revolution? #
  • Wow, $599 for the cheapest version of a low-powered product no one is sure they want? Fail. #iPad #CanIPutUbuntuOnIt? #
  • Correction, $499. It has the same speed processor as a NexusOne but can't make phone calls. #iPad #
  • @MikeLanders I have no love, but seriously, for revolutionary I wanted wireless display importing, video-conf, just more. Apple has good... in reply to MikeLanders #
  • @MikeLanders ...hardware sometimes, I would consider it to put my own software on, but it should have been better. 1Ghz, no camera? Come on. in reply to MikeLanders #
  • - So I have an exercise-related skin thing, and my doc prescribed thi s. Vagina fail 🙁 #
  • @notrightn0w Just take me with you, I think you just defined my dream life. in reply to notrightn0w #
  • Sodium Polyacrylate is my absolute favorite chemical in the world. Youtube it. Then Wiki it and see what it's used for. Best thing ever. #
  • @TerryJaymes Any hope of an mp3 version of Alive? Palm Pre user who can't do video at work, but I'd love to listen. in reply to TerryJaymes #
  • @Alise757 Careful Hokie Lady, how much did you take? If you really feel off, call poison control and just ask if what you took is bad. in reply to Alise757 #
  • @Alise757 She would take good care of you! Feel better, I've been on high dose naproxen for my migraines. in reply to Alise757 #
  • I am such a geek. Playing with Sodium Polyacrylate has made me happy for days, I'm just sitting here giddy, showing people the video. SQUEE. #
  • I've taken to listening to my rocking-out death-metal playlist in the last 2 hours of Friday work, after having a huge coffee. It totally... #
  • ...gets me amped up for the weekend. DragonForce, Dethklok, Brocas Helm, Coheed and Cambria, Metallica. Man it gives me a ton of energy! #
  • Cameras Roll As Obama Schools GOP: ABSOLUTELY a must watch. #
  • RT @CM_Holden: WEC’s First Ever PPV Set: Urijah Faber vs. Jose Aldo: #fb in reply to CM_Holden #
  • Everyone ignore @sdbarbiedoll 's tweets, she knows not he says, she's a mad woman! #

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