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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-01-23

  • Webkit sucks. Quit adding padding to things. When it takes less time to get something right in IE, you know your engine sucks. #
  • Going to the dentist today as I've been in constant pain for the 2 full weeks since getting my fillings. Second Opinion Time. #
  • RT @MMAspot: Ultimate Fight Night 21 To Take Place In Charlotte, NC On March 31: #
  • - At the UVA-UNCW basketball game, courtesy of our neighbor Danny, th e team doctor. #
  • What I think MMA weight classes should be: 125, 135, 145, 155, 170, 185, 200, 215, 250, 250+ #
  • @notrightn0w There's too many dudes trying to fight at franklinweight, if we're making a new class, I'd spread 205 out a bit. in reply to notrightn0w #
  • @notrightn0w I love that you immediately knew it was 195 😉 I dunno, it's time to shake up 185+ and force new matchups. in reply to notrightn0w #
  • I have officially crossed my threshold of tolerance for stupid people. The next one I cross is getting their condition explained to them. #
  • If Democrats can't get their agenda through with 58 senate seats, just disband as a party, there's no reason anymore. It's hard 2 b liberal. #
  • @LexandTerry What dumb fucks. You looking for a new Dallas station, or just syndicating from there? in reply to LexandTerry #
  • I just realized that the McBurgertown Family Guy Ep gets from Cleveland's mail to funding stem cell research in less than 10 minuntes. #
  • @peet2 I hope you're not lactose-intolerant because that was legen-dairy. in reply to peet2 #
  • I've committed to do several favors 4 people...after those are done, I'm rejecting all requests for favors. So don't ask, you'll be told no. #
  • @pennjillette Why would an atheist have commandments, and if so, why would there be 10? in reply to pennjillette #
  • #sotd Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls. Best Rock n Roll song of ALL TIME. #
  • Call me crazy, but I want a urinal in the master bath of my house. It's a status thing, I want floor to ceiling side tile barriers too. #

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