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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-01-16

  • You walk out of Home Depot and you feel like Al Borland. You walk out of Lowes and you feel like Martha Stewart. #
  • Watching SLC Pink! gave me a lot to think about. You should see it, it's about the destruction of ideology and identity development. #
  • #Beer recommendation: Lancaster Brewing's "Milk Stout" Actually everything by this brewery is solid. #
  • I am a freaking mess #urijahFaber gotta win! #
  • You have no idea how excited I am that @urijahfaber won. Jumping out of my seat, screaming, pounding the table I'm a #mess #
  • WEC just needs to drop 155. They have Cerrone, the guy so good he can't win, and BenHen, who is barely top 10 lw. #
  • @mark_armstrong If I could have gotten the time off, I'd have been with you there. Have an awesome night man! #
  • Did Rogan just say "What are you smoking and where can I get some" on national TV? #
  • Phrase of the night: Gameplan Execution. Tell me Maynard ever had an intent of finishing that fight. #
  • Why I believe printers are the spawn of Hell - The Oatmeal: - this is the greatest thing I saw all week. #
  • @joerogandotnet do you have an audio podcast feed? I can't do video on my ipod at work, need audio! #
  • @tylerbaker How close do you follow MMA? I write for if you look for news and a solid forum. in reply to tylerbaker #
  • When I listen to #Dragonforce, my heart rate goes up & the whole world moves faster. It's like auditory crystal meth. Through Fire & Flames! #
  • @tylerbaker if there's any MMA to watch, catch the WEC free on Versus (if you get that) It's little guys, 125-155, and always a good show. in reply to tylerbaker #
  • @notrightn0w Actually, I do. I wouldn't want to be the first person to cross me today, I'm going Wandy on them. in reply to notrightn0w #
  • @notrightn0w I don't think he's angry, I'm having a day where I want to leave someone savagely destroyed like he does. in reply to notrightn0w #
  • I believe that doing a good thing is worthless if you tell someone about it. Recognition is the reward of the ego; do something 4 no reward. #
  • @notrightn0w 32<40, should have bought two RT I think I'm gonna buy a 40 of schlitz, because at a glance it looks like schitz in reply to notrightn0w #
  • @Kenny_Florian Oh man, what have you done: in reply to Kenny_Florian #
  • Whoever forgot to call "Snow Bib Pants" "Snowveralls" missed a huge opportunity for a cool name. #

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