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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-01-10

  • I found a business card reading "the wages of sin is death" in red letters on my fridge with bible verses on the back...we don't know how... #
  • ...or when it got there, to be honest it's freaking us out, what sane person does that? If you want to convert us say domething, don't... #
  • ...subtly hide a card with bright red "death" in my house, that's a fucking threat. You just christian jihaded me, you sicko. #
  • - This is xactly how I found it; I know it's life upsidedown, but tha t's what I saw. #
  • To be clear, my outrage is not at the religious message, but the invasion of privacy that is the tactic used. It's completely inappropriate. #
  • I realized I post a lot of negative stuff; I'm not that negative. For example, I love's top 3 burger I've ever had. #
  • Going to the dentist, hope I get some Joe after the dentist, "is this real life?" #
  • RT @cnnbrk: Power restored at Reagan National Airport #
  • RT @MMAspot: Dana White Discusses His Thoughts On Drug Testing #
  • Rygel just sharted on me. He's in my lap, he farts, it stinks, he runs off it's so bad...there's a huge brown streak across my pants. #
  • EXTREMELY psyched for Mellow Mushroom for Wednesdays is my best invention ever. Buffalo Chicken today. #
  • You know you're OCD when you make a spreadsheet to track and average the ratings for #pizzawednesday. Buffalo Chicken got a 8.4, highest yet #
  • My Ford stock hasn't been this high since March 2005. Incredible decision to buy it. #
  • Man, fillings hurt a lot. I think it's because they're temporary IRM fillings. I need a pain pill like it's going out of style. #
  • Dethklok - Bloodlines may be the perfect song. You should all listen to it. #
  • Charlottesville Peeps: Trivia Night at Rapture at Downtown Mall @ 8 tonight, Jenn @sdbarbiedoll and I are going, anyone wanna go? #
  • "You may as well just paint yourself yellow, run around like a maniac and call yourself banana man." #
  • - There's sn official shaman with a store at the downtown mall. Win. #
  • Our trivia team name is "Wally the one eyed weaseal and his two balls" PLEASE someone get that reference! #
  • When you put "cheese" for 6 answers one round, you know you're not doing well at trivia. I won a free beer last round though. #
  • One team is named "north american baby shaking team." oh god so much win. Or fail. Or both. #
  • (via @MMASpot )
    Ken Shamrock vs. Seth Petruzelli for IUF Championship #
  • Why you should use OpenGL and not DirectX: #
  • Just watched SLC Punk, not sure if I was ready for the heaviness tonite. Matt Lillard @ the end man, knocks you on your ass. Heroin Bob man. #
  • Something is extremely wrong with one of my fillings; I'm in 8/10 pain and about to go to the ER. #
  • "blue" raises no awareness, "I'm wearing a blue bra; I'm letting you know in support of breast cancer research" does. #

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