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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2010-01-02

  • I hate these moments where I've officially run out of internet to entertain myself with. I've seen literally all of it. Don't ask to see it. #
  • #sotd Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver. Why does aggressive metal calm me down? It makes no sense. #
  • I hate antagonistic atheism. We dont want their beliefs pushed on us, why can we push ours on them? It's about tolerance and coexistance. #
  • Charlottesville: people I don't know glare at me; people I know and say hi to look at their feet and walk by me. Eff the ppl in this town. #
  • RT @JAYount: MMA Spot's Best of '09: Breakthrough Fighters - @danhardymma @Brian_Bowles @jonnybones @FrankieEdgar #
  • I have to admit, the cafeteria lady whose husband works for mozilla and gives me firefox schwag makes me happy. #
  • Just listened to this: Someone please amass a medieval army for me to charge at wildly please. #
  • Got 3 fillings done today, first ones ever. Merry freaking new year. #
  • I'm sitting home alone watching Paul Blart (Waiting for Andy)'s the most painful movie I've ever seen. #
  • Just watched Kobe's 3 from last night...that's why I love basketball, and the #lakers. #

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