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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-12-26

  • Complex not plowed; 3 stranded cars blocking my exit; tried & failed 2 get our car out; CTS not running here do I get 2 work? #
  • RT @MMAspot: “Strikeforce: Evolution” Results And Recap #
  • I need a better way to share photos. Open source, I'd like to host it, unlimited storage, easy nav and tag, embeddable. Suggestions? #
  • Man, do you ever really listen to Dick Dale? What an incredible mind, that dude represents a culture like no one else could. #
  • - The boys. One of them is out cold, the other is working. Guess which. #
  • Happy Festivus, wanna engage me in some feats of strength? #
  • 7 big IT orgs that showed Microsoft the door: READ AND FIGHT THE POWER! #
  • My ford stock is the highest it's been since August 2005...woot to almost 10x profit. #
  • RT @MMAspot: MMA Spot’s Best Of 2009: Knockouts #
  • Just read about the "War on Christmas." If u think u understand what u're defending, read Jeremiah 10:2-4. U should read your own book. #
  • I can't be the only person to think that facebook photos have started to suck and be slow. I need an alternative. #
  • Seriously, I cancelled a ping of at 25 seconds. A PING FOR GOSH SAKE! Facebook has gotten shitty lately. #
  • Avatar Incredible film, not just the graphics or the story, but the way it drags you in and takes you over. It's a must see. #
  • Got the best christmas present ever yesterday...Jenn was supposed to work and got the day off! Merry family Christmas! #
  • Well Jenn being home for christmas...and new super mario bros wii. I mean, come on, at least I'm honest 🙂 #

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