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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-12-19

  • Watchin ufc 107, on the new 52 inch ba-bay! #
  • By the way, Charlottesville Comcast doesn't carry PPV in Hi Def. F living in a small town. #
  • Lol at Goldie saying "Fitch is looking to finish here early" in the third round. #
  • Lunch Meeting, out like a trout for hour. #
  • Friday's @lexandterry radio show, with AssMasters, was the greatest thing I've ever heard. Kudos @bvnp and @tylerbaker. #
  • The problem with Charlottesville is that 100% of the traffic locks up if any small event happens. Rockettes tonite, stay home, huge traffic. #
  • I need to finish up my web projects; I have about 4 artistic projects bursting to be made. #
  • - I now have a door to my office, big balla. #
  • Watching this week's Metalocalypse...Skwisgar finding his guitar was an incredibly important scene, don't you think??? #
  • Fatherklok is officially my 2nd favorite metalocalypse episode. Incredible episode; great insight and Pickles/Murderface was hilarious. #
  • I will be a mess when Frank Mir fights Carwin and then Lesnar. If you wanna see me lose my cool, watch me watch those fights. #
  • For the record, my ford stock is officially up 500% since the day I bought it. #
  • Dammit Skwisgar, is it your fault we're having a #snowpocalypse? I hope that song is on the next dethalbum. #
  • - Comin up on 2 feet...we're definitely snowed in. San Diego was 70 d egrees yesterday. #
  • - #Snowpocalypse First Pic: 22 inches by our measurements #

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