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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-12-05

  • - Getting to be christmas time in our house... #
  • Windows users, try this, it's so easy! RT @linuxalive: Linux Mint 8 "Helena" has been released #linux in reply to linuxalive #
  • Sick today, bad sore throat and sneezing. Why am I at work in a hospital? #
  • Just evacuated the hospital due to a fire on the 3rd floor! #
  • after they've been up for 4 months, rygel has decided he's afraid of the track lighting in my office. He won't look at it. #
  • Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes! #
  • Tivo replacement: FIT-PC2, Mythbuntu 9.10, Pinnacle HDTV USB Tuner (possibly dual) ext 1TB hdd...thoughts? #
  • I went home from work sick. My nose is more stuffed than a Mississippi walmart having a camo sale on black friday at 5 AM. #
  • Just woke up and still feel like crappo, the decision to stay home was the right one. 🙁 #
  • I have easily coughed/sneezed inn excess of 100 times in the 10 minutes I've been awake. #
  • I feel like "Scrambles the death dealer" is spinning inside my sinus cavities. I haven't had this blah of a day in months. #
  • "Dethcarrldo" is my 2nd fav metalocalypse episode; 2nd to "Dethrelease" aka "Black Fire Upon Us." YOPO! #
  • - My proposed home theater arrangement. Current std def tivo, with plan for media PC. #
  • After Thanksgiving, Birthday, eating out every day, & no biking for 2 weeks...I weigh 229. Why was it so hard 2 lose and so easy 2 keep off? #
  • RT @MMAspot: On The Spot ~ Zak Cummings #
  • - No words to describe it, poetry, they should have sent a port! #
  • RT @RygelTheWoof: - No words to describe it, poetry, they should have sent a poet! in reply to RygelTheWoof #
  • Awesome game though, huh? My boys! RT @notrightn0w: Wow, my heart just broke. #Heat in reply to notrightn0w #
  • Listening to Metallica's "The Call of Kthulu" blasting on 7.1 channels is literally magical. #

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