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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-11-14

  • Mayhem's entrance has shot him up in my top fighters list. I heart @mayhemmiller #
  • West Coast People: Watch Strikeforce on CBS. Incredible night of fights and finishes all around. #
  • - @sdbarbiedoll aka the pink monster, learnin to scoot in the mall pa rking lot. #
  • Boylan Heights is the best burger in Charlottesville, by far. #
  • FINALLY watching metalocalypse season 3 premiere. Toki is the 2nd rhythm guitarist??? #
  • The last 3 minutes of metalocalypse S3E1 have me more hyped for TV than ever before. #
  • I think I just moved a 400 lb cabinet. Maybe more lbs. 5 drawer full lateral file cab. I'm very tired. #
  • Got my first cavities 🙁 All between my teeth, that's what I get for brushing and not flossing 🙁 I mega fail. #
  • getting the new router set up while watching #TUF #
  • Having a complete breakdown in resources. Water pressure, then hot water, then 2 comps, then the main comp, then router. What's next? FML #
  • Wow, I haven't had a second to myself to think today. I think tonight I wanna write like 2 MMASpot articles and maybe watch a movie. #
  • - My very cluttered desk, oh how you make me think of unfinished work . #
  • All security is disabled...why is the new router giving 192.168.123 IPs? Devices that are workin got 192.168.1 ones, why is it doing this? #
  • We're about 30 seconds away from going static routing table and manually setting IPs. For $120 this should just work! I want MAC filter btw. #
  • Oh, aside from the fact that the linksys wrt310n admin page only works in IE! Wtf??? Chrome, firefox, windows & linux all have cgi errors. #
  • Also add that going to "" redirects to myspace. OpenDNS time. #
  • - About 2 seconds before a major fight with @rygelthewoof. I won. #
  • RT @MMAspot A Look At Grappling In The Light Heavyweight Division #

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