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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-11-07

  • Am I the only person that yfrog images never work for? It's always down, why do people use it? #
  • I've said it before, the season 2 finale of Metalocalypse is the greatest 1/2 hour of tv ever shown. #
  • WTF would cause a computer to continuously reboot right after posting? Why do none of these work? #
  • I'll bet you wish you were wearing a bib so you didn't get face all over your shirt. #
  • Absolutely true. RT @joerogandotnet: Atheism is often just as silly and closed minded as religious zealotry #
  • This is very crude, but I LOL'd: #
  • Man, with all the biking I've been doing, my legs are getting huge and defined. I never thought I'd ever see muscles on myself after Florida #
  • Marcus Jones represents what 90% of fans would be like if they were on TUF. You can't help but love him. #
  • - I'm seriously beginning to believe I have a problem, I'm out of con trol. #
  • A little bit of urg, a pinch of derp, and a whole pile of shoop da whoop. My day is very 4chan. I feel like I've been rickrolled over. #
  • Oh shit it's gonna be one of those epic tallahassee style nights. Ryan, Bret, Keith, you kno. #
  • Wow, I actually just demonstrated an actual superpower. Like, verifiable, totally serious. Fear me. #
  • Wow. The superpower is real. I can extract improbable crazy in any situation with my mind. I just did it again. #
  • At a deli, we ordered, then I made the signal to Jenn. Then they forgot our order, we waited 10 mins, then they finally made it, wrong. #
  • Superpower strikes again...steak and portabello fajita has no portabello and there's no servers anywhere. #

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