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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-10-31

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  • I'm doing the live play by play, check it out here! #UFC104 #
  • Live UFC 104 round-by-round coverage at MMASpot! Check it out, I'm updating it about 5 seconds after each round. #
  • I have never seen a worse decision in MMA. With judges like that, it's just not fun anymore. #
  • RT @RygelTheWoof: I just watched Machida get robbed wif dad, I have no words for how lame dat was. #
  • UFC 104 Play by Play, Results, and Post Fight Press Conference Coverage all up at #
  • RT @RygelTheWoof: I was so angry I couldn't even say it right, I meant I watched Shogun get robbed. I'm doggy-depressed. #
  • The whole family is on Twitter: Me @surfrock66 Jenn @sdbarbiedoll and Rygel @rygelthewoof #
  • Hmm, the ubuntu forums appear to be down, could the world be ending, or is there a looming update... #ubuntu #karmic #koala #
  • I find KDE completely unusable. Discuss. #linux #gnome #kde #flamewar #
  • Futurama's "Anthology of Interest" is always a good time. The finglonger is the greatest invention. #
  • I just realized why Farnsworth's "Man-eating ant-eaters" was so funny. But not very long. #
  • gedit\ #
  • Isn't there a week off of work coming up soon? Is there a gov't holiday coming up? Man. #
  • Maryland Legalizes MMA; Holds First Event #
  • I think my productivity actually goes up on days of woot off cuz I try to speed through work that would cover the auto-refresh woot window. #
  • Your ISP, if Net Neutrality disappears: This is not FUD, this is how it works. #
  • People keeping kids home on halloween fearing swine flu spreading? Better keep them out of school then too, your fear-mongering a-holes. #
  • Anyone have an opinion: 52"+ size TV, Plasma or LCD? We have a shallow living room so need wide viewing angles, it's a dark room. #
  • I am in serious need of a reprieve of all this crap. Someone please tell me how to have a good night tonight. #
  • RT @RygelTheWoof: - Darth Rygel inspires fear in the hearts of those who do not give him noms. #

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