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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-10-18

  • WEC bitches, first fight was already awesome, turn on VERSUS NOW! #
  • WEC 43 was the best MMA event I've ever seen from start to finish. Proud to be a fan for sure. #
  • The fact that Leanne Rhimes has Eczema makes me the greatest human being on the planet. Period. #
  • MMASpot: On The Spot ~ Rosi Sexton: #
  • ZOMFG just got notification that Brutal Legend shipped! I'm so far behind on everything, how the hell am I gonna play for 8 hours a day? #
  • About to do some serious scooting. 40MPH baby, don't get in my way. #
  • RT @MMAspot: WEC Flyweight Division Establishment Delayed: in reply to MMAspot #
  • Scooted in the rain, no problem except my body skipped cold and went straight to hypothermia, but whatev, it's all freaking good. #
  • I sincerely miss my geek friends and wish I had some of the N.E.R.D.s here to enjoy Marvel UA2, Brutal Legend, and many others with me 🙁 #
  • You can't roll a ball of ice cream in frosted flakes and call it fried ice cream. You fail el puerto. #
  • Every time I talk about psychonauts I get all nostalgic. If you never played it, you're not really a gamer. It's $15 on Xbox Live, get it. #
  • Watching Jenn play Psychonauts, couldn't imagine a place I'd rather be in the whole world. #
  • Guarding against squirrels is serious business. #
  • - Bad dad feeds the baby Buffalo Wild Wings from the fork when mom isn't home. #
  • So he definitely liked the hot more than the spicy garlic, but he sure is drinking a ton of water. And burping. #

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