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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-10-10

  • Zombieland = 2 huge festering thumbs UP! Seriously awesome movie, BM's cameo was the best! #
  • - @SDBarbieDoll is very save for scooting. And very pink. Pink is more important than safe. #
  • When I take a sleeping pill to sleep through the night, I wake up panicked MORE 'cuz I worry I'll sleep through the alarm. FML. #
  • EXTREME HEADACHE. Making for an incredibly miserable afternoon. 3 cups of coffee already today. #
  • About to do an hour on the exercise bike, which is awesome because it means an hour of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. BOO-YA! #
  • Whew, did the last 10 minutes of that on higher resistance than I've ever done, walking tomorrow is gonna suck! #
  • MMASpot: Urijah Faber signs new 6 fight deal with the WEC, expects fight by end of year #
  • Anyone know how to recover a deleted 1GB file from a network drive? For my sister, Recuva won't, no recycle bin, no daily backup. Thoughts? #
  • RT @billybennett: The Final Option (Comic) - #
  • RT @MMAspot: CageFest Extreme: “Heatwave” Highlight: #
  • Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala (currently beta) installed on my laptop last night and I can't wait to get home to try it out! #
  • Oh sh!t ultimate fighter tonight, someone call me at like 9:45 and remind me because that's about when I get on the exercise bike. #
  • - Rygel, wearing dad's polo shirt, is ready to go to work. #
  • I just said to @sdbarbiedoll "Even though it cost us an extra grand it was worth it." Wow how financial times have changed, yay 2 incomes. #
  • rampage is a piece of ass as a coach. But he's so funny 🙂 #
  • Scooted to work for the first time, no incident, got it up to 45 mph, cobblestones are interesting. #
  • Wow...writers have 11 sequels planned for Zombieland? #
  • Walking around the hospital in my motorcycle jacket with helmet in hand made me look like a badass this morning. If only they knew I scooted #
  • I think I'm officially pushing back ttllb 6 months. It's killing me, the one project I was excited about I haven't done a minute of work on. #
  • - Can anyone name a pup who will be eating mini burgers for the next 3 days? #
  • Read an article, finally convinced me my beliefs r "Atheism" but I AM an agnostic. More separation of belief & knowledge, gotta embrace it. #
  • Open invitation: WEC 43 tomorrow night, 10PM at my house, great night of free MMA on TV, hit me up if you're interested! #
  • Lesnar has more MMA experience than Carwin in time; Carwin's whole career is 742 seconds, Lesnar had 900 in just the Herring fight. Crazy. #
  • - I'm a huge geek that clearly had a wild Friday night. I'm so lame. #
  • - WTF why do I have all these 10/100 PCI network cards? #

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