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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-10-04

  • Bowling to relieve stress. Hanson's "MMMBop" is playing. Urge to kill rising...j/k I secretly love this song SHHHHHH! #
  • Burt Reynolds and David Hasselhoff just showed up, demanded my man card, tore it up, and said "Hanson doesn't rock." Lesson learned. #
  • RT @MMAspot: New interview with Ryan Bader: #
  • - Woot woot, this is our scoot scoot. SYM HD 200. #
  • - This is a pic of the mutant 4 in. daddy long legs spiders invading the house. Type 1 of 2 invaders. Dam natur ... #
  • Pepsi to cease all ads, saying "people know it's good, why tell them what to drink?" That's a trend that'd have Google crapping their pants. #
  • Mother effer I got duped by the Onion. Please commence shaming me, I sincerely deserve it. #
  • Like a Boss: RT @notrightn0w: Still on the @mmaspot conference call, like a boss. #
  • I spent 2 hours on a conf. call about my webinar and 3 on a call with staff. All after work, too! I don't believe in downtime. #
  • Man, figuring out your life and deciding to do the right thing is hard, especially when no one else does. At least I can look at myself. #
  • MMA Spot - Marcello Foran ~ Passionate About His Work: #
  • Owning up to my shiz, gotta stand up for what I believe in, got the moral high ground on this one. #
  • People literally plan for a zombie apocalypse. Real ppl. We're a sad species with too much time and no ability to tell fantasy from reality. #
  • Having a matalocalypse and Aqua Teen night because I need to do something that feels like home. Does that make me messed up? #
  • The Shrink Ray #ATHF is on, which is BY FAR the best episode. "Hey boy, You said it was a chip, so where's the dip? Or am I looking at him!" #
  • My dog is a black belt in jiu shih-tzu. #
  • If there's nothing to hide, why isn't Glenn Beck addressing these allegations? #
  • Just finished installing the 7.1 sound system in the living room. Can't believe I went 3 months with regular old stereo. #

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