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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-09-27

  • Starting the 8 hour drive home from Cincinnati, bye bye Andy! Oh, and it's pouring out, which makes this suck. #
  • MMASpot: UFC 103 Bonuses and Medical Suspensions: #
  • Jenn and I may go bowling tonight. Kegler's lanes in Charlottesville is the best lane I've bowled at since Sunset. Hit us up! #
  • The belkin wireless gaming adapter is CRAP. It won't stay connected, & since it "autoconnects to the closest wifi" our neighbors' is closer. #
  • "The Invasion" is one of the stupidest movies I've ever seen. No plot, no good storytelling, just crap. #
  • The fact that telecoms hate the net neutrality proposals regulating them is proof they're great plans. Profit vs. service, and now we'll win #
  • When u yell @ me for a rule I broke that u never told ne1, I'll instantly think u're an asshole. U're the only 1 of 40 ppl with ur own rule. #
  • Auto reduce to 140 characters gives me a headache. Sorry about that. #
  • Really hard to be productive these days, I really need a few days to just get my stuff together, but it'll never happen. #
  • Listening to @LexandTerry do "best friend" w/ a guy calling his fiancee 2 falsely say he ran over a kid in his truck, brutal but hilarious! #
  • Someone complained my website is unreadable, which reminds me how much I love having my own website where I'm my only target audience 🙂 #
  • - Jenn is completely smashed on this much of a hard cider, she must b e tired. #
  • This is the longest woot off I've ever seen, entering day 3 #
  • It's very hard to bite my tongue when someone is blatantly racist. Normally I wouldn't hold back, but it's a supervisor. #
  • Up at the butt crack of dawn to turn my 30 day motorcycle license into a real forever motorcycle license. #
  • Record DMV finish time. Epic Win. #
  • - Jenn is very enthusiastic about scooter shopping. #
  • We now own a navy blue SYM HD 200 scooter, it'll be delivered to the house Monday afternoon. #

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