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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-09-19

  • Motorcycle class, day 2. More swerving, counterbalancing, and obstacle avoidance today. #
  • - My bike for the day, no, I would never buy this, I'm too big and my legs cramp since I'm all tucked up. #
  • I am so freaking tired. Haven't had a full night sleep in a week, and won't get one for possibly the next 2 weeks. NEED CAFFEINE! #
  • New MMASpot Article: Shark Fights 6: Stars and Stripes Results: #
  • DUDE Brutal Legend, the rock n roll game with Jack Black, was made by the guy who made Psychonauts. Pre-ordered, this will be my fav game. #
  • A drunk UVA student jumped in front of my car on narrow road, I slammed brakes, he flips me off and pounds my hood. Should have ran him over #
  • Dead Rising is unplayable on a standard def tv. Simply worthless, I should return it, it isn't fun and I am missing most objectives. #
  • RT @MMAspot: Wes Sims ~ The A-Hole Show: #
  • just voted "Atheist! :D" on "Show Us Twitter's Religious Diversity." vote too ➔ #
  • RT @danawhiteufc: The nover stout fight is off. Nover had a seizure in the locker room. He is ok. in reply to danawhiteufc #
  • I love MMA, and tonight's premiere of season 10 of TUF will be AWESOME! #
  • Looks like the current scooter of choice is the SYM HD 200. After the class, more power is safer when turning and on hills. #
  • MMASpot: Rogers vs. Fedor on CBS November 7th - #
  • I think I figured it out; I extract the crazy from situations. I'm like a divining rod for absurdity. If it wasn't obvious, I make it so. #
  • Have any of my co-geeks tried Haiku? I was blistering fast on my 450Mhz 512MB Box, and it's only Alpha 1. I'm intrigued. #
  • In the car on the way to cinncinnatti for some Andy and some Oktoberfest #
  • - In Cincinnati with Dr. Andy #
  • The nastiest whore just walked up and said "Can you help me find the 69 bus, and I mean 69!" and pointed at her crotch. Freaking awesome. #
  • - @ oktoberfest in cincinnati #

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