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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-09-13

  • I LOVE Viva La Bam, I don't care if it's stupid. The Don Vito subtitles are so freaking hilarious. #
  • Just finished Half Life 2 Episode 2, pretty fun, dunno if I'd play it again but a decent way to spend 60 hrs. (60 to play the whole series) #
  • The song from the "9" Trailer is "Welcome Home" by "Coheed and Cambria" and it may be the greatest song I've ever heard. I can't wait for 9. #
  • GREAT article on the upcoming movie "9" #
  • Is it me or is the music video for Dethklok's "BloodMines" awesome? Totally pumped for the new season of Metalocalypse, when it happens. #
  • My latest article: RT @MMAspot: Clementi vs. Duncan To Headline Cage Wars Championship: #
  • Holy crap, didn't realize season 3 of Metalocalypse (dropping Nov. 8) is 30 minute episodes! Brutal! #
  • Holy Crap, NBA Jam was completely written in assembly. Imagine writing all that IN ASSEMBLY. #
  • "Americans, I believe, expect their leaders to act like mature adults. Tonight, the president did - and his opponents didn't" #
  • Playing "Wii Sports Resort" while riding my exercise bike has upped my workout by 30%, Swordfighting and Canoe really make you work! #
  • Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #charlottesville_va #geek #mma #videogames #highered #
  • In response to Prop 8 in CA, man says if point is protecting marriage and not hate, we should ban divorce. New prop: #
  • I take my motorcycle class tonight in prep for getting an M class license for the scooter, you should see my badass helmet, jacket & gloves. #
  • - Uhh...why is my dog crazy and why does he insist on always being in the tub? Oh well, gotta love how clean he ... #
  • Finished motorcycling for the day, more tomorrow, now in the theater to see 9, so pumped! #
  • - Wow, Jenn and I found the worlds biggest pillow at Pier 1 $130 each , I wanted 2 but Jenn said no 🙁 #

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