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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-09-05

  • wow...did not see maia going down like that...suck. #
  • holy shit are you watching this? This is the fight of the year! #
  • Randy Couture has nothing left to prove. He's awesome. #
  • District 9 ruled, inglourious basterds ruled, if 9 is what I think it'll be this will be the best summer of movies ever. #
  • I long for the day when bits are just bits; when txt msgs, tv, web, phone calls, stc. are all the same cost. 1s and 0s, all the same baby! #
  • Schweet, got the car running again, now to throw in some engine cleaner to spruce it up. #
  • getting on the exercise bike, time to start Half Life 2 Ep 1. #
  • My new MMASpot Article: Phillipe Nover Replaces Kyle Bradley Against Sam Stout At UFN 19 #
  • Every time I even see the word "psychonauts" I get chills, I didn't realize how much I loved that game when I played it, all time favorite. #
  • It's hard to have all these new games I own & need to play when I'd really rather just go replay psychonauts and bioshock again. Sigh! #
  • - First use of my new scooter safety gear? Realistic Mario Kart. #
  • I hate it when ambassadors for things I believe in come across as arrogant douchebags. See Richard Stallman and at times Richard Dawkins. #
  • Man, just realized people named Dick can come across as Dicks. Dick Cheney? Stallman and Dawkins (sometimes)? Anyone think of others? #
  • RT @UCSDalumni: Washington Monthly ranked UCSD 2nd best university in the nation, public and private. #
  • - Mom, snugglin with the bear, snugglin with the octopus. #
  • Tonight is the first of 8 consecutive 7PM-7AM shifts for Jenn, see you in a week and a half! Poor me, I need to learn to cook. :-/ #
  • I'm definitely play by play guy: the 6 people who ruin a UFC PPV watching party. #
  • Only republicans could try to spin the president making public addresses and explaining his intentions into being a bad thing. #
  • Wow...I haven't slept in til 1 in years. Weird week. #
  • Jenn said someone got bit by a bat last night...I'm sharpening my wooden stakes for when the vampires attack. #
  • Anyone ever own an E-Ton scooter? People say "don't buy Chinese scooters" but I can't find any real reviews, anyone got any experience? #

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