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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-08-29

  • New favorite thing ever: Good morning kitty cat [Animated gif]: #
  • watching the CSI where Stokes gets of the best hour and a half of TV of all time. #
  • - Both of us getting some important work done. #
  • Mondays always suck, but this one HURTS. Like OW. Is this normal? #
  • Does knowing that I'm stupidly socially awkward make it any more acceptable? Like, I know I'm weird, so at least I'm in on it, so it's cool? #
  • I just got stung by a huge wasp waiting for the bus on the back of my head, fuck this day. #
  • My latest MMASpot Article: Controversial Aina vs. Evangelista Result Reversed by CSAC #
  • Uhh...feminine hygiene candy pairing fail at CVS. You can't make this crap up. #
  • The difference is one leads to increased American deaths, and the other the GOP wants you to believe leads to death #
  • When wrestling with the dog yesterday, he landed on my arm, bending it back off the edge of the bed, like an armbar. Now I have a sore elbow #
  • I feel super uninspired lately, and I have a million projects to do. I need to work on my efficiency badly. #
  • Jenn's on twitter now people! @SDBarbieDoll FOLLOW HER. #
  • Anyone wanna come over and watch UFC 102 this Saturday? 10PM, come over like 9:30, I'm paying for it no matter what and Jenn is working. #
  • If I was a millionaire, I'd hire someone to ask my opinion on stuff, tell me I'm wrong, let me argue for 15 minutes, then be convinced. #
  • Anyone who knew me from 2001-2005 should read my latest blog post: #
  • Just got Skype working in Linux WITH VIDEO CHAT! Yea, coolest office ever. #
  • Add me on skype, I'm "surfrock66" #

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