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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-08-22

  • Back from New York City, DC, and Philly. Good trip with the sister, saw a Met get beaned, don't wanna go to work #
  • RT @tweetmeme WootOn! | #
  • Wanna see my babby? (PIC): #
  • Man, I post a link to MMASpot articles I write on my blog, which auto converts to a twitter link to the post on my site, need to fix that. #
  • This Link: Though the original link goes to my blog, which has a summary and links straight to this. #
  • Massive headache bordering on migraine. 4 excedrine migraines down, plus a venti coffee. Eyes are starting to wiggle, all bad signs. #
  • Why do we talk about "going after spammers," make using mass mail services a crime, it's easy to find people looking for publicity. #
  • I'm speechless as to how good District 9 was. Such a great world they made, so much truth about humanity, and such great characters. See it. #
  • Sigh. I need friends that want to play video games and build trebuchets, who know how to handle a soldering iron and a grenade launcher. #
  • If you ever see an image labeled "mindfuck" with a .gif extension, DO NOT CLICK. Serious warning people. #
  • Every time I go to Lowes the list of things I'd rather make than buy grows. Today? Pre cut dowel. Please bring me a home depot! #
  • Stephan Bonnar got into MMA at the perfect time. Not enough competition to show how slow he was, plus his persona was able to draw fans in. #

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