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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-08-08

  • - Somehow, my dog turned into a billy goat, climbing up the cliffside . #
  • I'm sitting here thinking about cooking. Suddenly I want to cook. I want to make custom burgers and just invent, I think I've lost my mind. #
  • RT @hpduong: RT @linuxalive XWii - Control The Linux Desktop With Wiimote #linux #
  • Dude, you would NEVER hear "Dreams" by the Cranberries in Home Depot. F#@k Lowes and their wussy-ass music choice. I want a manly tool store #
  • - Wife and I going for some late night bowlin. Word. #
  • "The fail whale is swimming in the fail moat next to the fail boat" - Wife after 3 drinks at the bowling alley, after I got a 92 last game. #

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