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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-08-01

  • Can we make a deal? When a techie like myself calls tech support, let's make a code to let you know not to treat me like an idiot. Deal? #
  • I know gnome do is alpha/beta, but it sucks that it crashes on boot when it's my window manager 🙁 #
  • I knew twilight would be stupid at "I consider myself a vegetarian because I only eat animals." #
  • I have the best wife ever, she came up to my office to bring me coffee...and just missed me walking out to get my own! Oh well, sweet neway! #
  • Wow. Buying Ford stock on Nov 19, 2008, was brilliant. Up 6 bucks since then, or 572 Percent. #
  • Need to finish my office so I can work on my web projects, ttllb, writing for MMASpot, and running my linux cluster. 7 boxes now! #
  • Wow. If fedor signs w/ the UFC, we could see crocop fedor 2 in the octagon. Not that I want to, but come on, who'd have seen that coming. #
  • I am officially developing a widows peak and substantial grey hair. I'm getting freaking old. #
  • Wow compiling v-box to get the palm pre mojo sdk working, hoping to have root access by midnight, then we'll ssh a tether over bluetooth. #
  • Listening to @danawhiteufc talk to Adam Corolla about @urijahfaber, props again to Faber for fighting through that crazy ass injury. #
  • This podcast was like weeks old, but DW pretty much said that Brown-Faber 3 will happen if the fans want to see it. #
  • I just demolished 24 wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. Freaking awesome, I'd been craving wings for weeks and it was well worth the wait. #
  • - I can haz too much forehead? #
  • Wow typing this tweet on my laptop on the internet through a hacked tether to the phone.YAY UNLIMITED DATA! #
  • Best quote from the podcast I'm listening to: "This is like handing a toddler a lightsaber." Won't someone think of the younglings! #
  • - OMG this is a good day for Rygel. And a bad day for the car's uphol stry. #
  • - We're thinking of burning this as a dining room buffet. What do you all think? #
  • Sorry, the phone changed "buying" to "burning," I just turned auto correct off. #
  • - We found the chicken Paula Dean at the Albemarle county fair. #

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