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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-26

  • Pizza? Rained in? Playing with dog while rocking out to Tenacious D? Best freaking night ever. #
  • Frustrated my google apps suite doesn't jive with my google account better. My contacts live in apps, how will it sync with google voice??? #
  • Mostly, this link is a bookmark for me for later:
    Repairing Tilda in Ubuntu 9.04. #
  • Anyone else disappointed in Ubuntu 9.04? Intel drivers, screenlets completely unusable, tilda breaks, compiz errors, pulse audio fails? sigh #
  • Barnett has now lost me as a fan. Way to blow your career. Even if you'd have won, you're a loser. #
  • I was sent home from work sick today. With a really bad sore throat, I considered a slurpee a necessity. #
  • Please put Monson up against Fedor, please! #
  • iGoogle (on gmail, not my hosted domain) now has apps gadgets, VERY useful. Apps(mail,cal,talk,docs), finance, analytics, twitter, & reader #
  • WE JUST GOT OUT OF R VERIZON CONTRACT! I have been waiting for this 4 so long, I'm so relieved! Finally, a cool phone Jenn & I are both on! #
  • Affliction Trilogy is canceled. Josh Barnett better be watching his back because millions of fans want to kill his steroid-taking ass. #
  • Freaking A, what a big day for MMA. Affliction folding, Tito resigned to UFC, Affliction a UFC sponsor? Wow. #
  • – Oh my goodness, this is my first tweet on the new palm pre, so much fun! #
  • – The dog is unamused by phone tweeting. #
  • RT @MMA4Real: Dana White Surveys The Ruins of His Former Competitors(Pic) Hilarious! #
  • – Just finished an early trip to the dog park…someone's a mess. #

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