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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-19

  • On #UFC100: Me: "Who do you think is gonna win?" Wife: "All of them, they're all winners tonight in my book." Best answer ever. #
  • uhh...I ordered it and UFC 100 isn't showing up on my screen, no pre-show...if it fails I'm cancelling service tomorrow. #
  • I'm freaking out. Comcast doesn't work, Verizon doesn't work, it's seriously like I'm living in a fucking third world country. #
  • if I have to go to hooters to watch UFC 100 and find out that now, I'm sending Comcast the bill. This is insane. #
  • Jenn is on phone with them, screaming, demanding a partial refund for the 40 minutes we've missed so far. Such a good wife 🙂 #
  • Not watching ufc 100. Comcast can't make it work, with no verizon anywhere near us can't call tech support, and BW3 full. I'm unglued, FML. #
  • I live in a 3rd world country hellhole. I pay $300 a month for services they literally can't provide me, and I'm the bad guy. Kill me now. #
  • I'm so frusturated. My cell contract is up 7/29, I'm getting rid of my cell and turning that # into my land line, fuck verizon..... #
  • ....Comcast is trying to make it right, I'm within my 30 days so they're bending over backwards to retain me...we'll see how this goes. #
  • Comcast fixed the PPV system, but I have 3 days to cancel service. HOA bans Sat dishes, risk it for better service? ccast burned me once... #
  • Oh, and they refunded my $45 for the event, and in complaining about Verizon to they guy offered to throw in free phone if I sign for 24 mos #
  • I may order a BS movie tomorrow, if it works, I will stay on cCast, get free land line and port my VZW # 2b our land line, and go cell-less #
  • Dang, night of tirades. Frustrating when crap you pay lots for fails constantly, especially when you're a techie. To better days, night all. #
  • Working on, secret new site, even though it's not finished or officially launched traffic is already HUGE. I'm gonna be rich! #
  • "Pirates vs. Ninjas dodgeball" for the wii came in excited, plus there's zombies, aliens, robots, monsters, and shrooms! WIN #
  • shut down #

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